Sacramento Pool Fencing – Costs And Requirements


Swimming is one of the most common summer activities many people partake in. You may find many pros to having one built in your backyard. For one it is a great asset if you have a family of your own. Swimming can create bonding time for the whole family. It can also prove as a great way to exercise, relax, or cool off during the summer. You may even choose to throw pool parties for friends or for your children’s friends. If you find yourself considering a swimming pool as an option for you then you may need to also consider options for a fencing unit.


If you live in Sacramento be weary, that although there are no federal laws regarding enclosure for swimming pools, there are state laws. The safety procedure for a fencing unit is as follows; must be five feet tall and the opening in the fencing shall be no bigger than four inches in diameter. There must also be a gate that has a latch to keep the gate securely closed. These gates shall open out and away from the pool. The regulations must be designed in such a way to prevent children from climbing over.


The cost of fencing will vary on your location and the style of fencing you choose. The average cost for instillation of a pool fence is roughly about $1300, this includes the gate. Depending on your needs the price can range anywhere from $1300-$8000. If you choose, chain link, vinyl, or wood fencing the cost will gradually be more. You could be looking at spending anywhere between $3000-$8000. Then again, if you want something a little less, metal or wire fencing will coast roughly between $1500-$5000. It may seem like a process but it is better to be safe than sorry. Soon enough you will be on your way to enjoying some new fun while keeping safety on board.


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