Last Updated on June 4, 2023

Pet Fencing for your Pool

Safety Around the Swimming Pool

If you are inside the house, you may not know your pets or children have managed to get to the pool area until it is too late. While a retractable outdoor fence for dogs can be convenient, it is not the safest choice. Instead, protect your children and pets by having a permanent pool fence installed.

Most people think about getting fences for the pool to protect only children, but they can protect your pets too. If you have pets and no children, investing in a pool fence is a wise choice to prevent your pets from falling in. The water can be just as tempting to them as it can be for young children. With a good fence for your pets, you can be assured of their safety even if you are inside the house.

Look for a Self-Closing, Self-Latching Gate

Medical personnel mentions a self-closing gate as one of the first lines of defense against preventable drownings. The self-closing gate returns to a closed position by itself, which makes it difficult for determined children or pets to get into the pool area without an adult opening the gate for them.

Pet Fencing for your Pool

Mesh fences

Mesh fences make the best choice when it comes to pool fencing for pets. The reinforced mesh material prevents your pets from climbing or jumping over the fence as well as scratching through. The minimal weave size of the material does not allow for claws to get through, so pets cannot easily create their own entryway. The material we use for our mesh pool fences is strong enough to withstand the efforts of the most determined pet and is guaranteed to keep them safe from the pool.

Pet Fence

Are you aware that your pet can tire just as easily as your children? Knowing this, you can increase the level of safety for your dog by installing a mesh pet fence that makes it impossible for it to get into the pool area. When the dog is not in or near the pool, an accident is much less likely.

Final thoughts

Pet fences can also be used as they are both strong and reliable regardless of the weight of your pet. The stainless steel pins keep the mesh in place and the poles will not budge no matter how much force your pet outs against them. Protect your pets from accidental drowning and invest in a mesh fence today. Call us to discuss your options and we promise to get your pool fences with the best and your pets safe from harm’s way.

Keep your swimming pool secure with a Guardian Pool Fence