Retractable Fence

Retractable Fence For Dogs?

Safety Around the Swimming Pool

Swimming pools are fun, but they present a significant risk to children and pets. As watchful as you are over your dogs and children, they move quickly and can be in the water before you can catch and stop them. For small children who have not learned to swim, they can inhale water, sink and drown before you can get to them. If you are inside the house, you may not know your pets or children have managed to get to the pool area until it is too late.  While a retractable fence can be convenient, it is not the safest choice. Instead, protect your children and pets by having a removable pool fence installed, making it more difficult for them to get into the pool area.

Look for a Self-Closing, Self-Latching Gate

Medical personnel mention a self-closing gate as one of the first lines of defense against preventable drownings. The self-closing gate returns to a closed position by itself, which makes it difficult for determined children or pets to get into the pool area without an adult opening the gate for them. While a removable pool fence is not an option, other fence designs offer a high degree of safety for your children and pets.

Children and pets in your home are attracted to the fun your pool represents. They won’t always wait until you are ready to supervise them as they play in the water, which makes a safe gate imperative. A self-latching gate with a magnetic latch that your children cannot operate increases safety tremendously. Along with the magnetic self-latch, get a gate you can lock with a key. Prevent your children from successfully climbing the gate. This is possible with a gate that does not have a top cross-bar. The cross-bar enables children – both younger and older – to get over the fence because it provides a rigid hand hold. This is not a removable pool fence, but a fence with a lock.

Mesh Pool Fence

Are you aware that your pet can tire just as easily as your children? Knowing this, you can increase the level of safety for your dog by installing a mesh pet fence that makes it impossible for it to get into the pool area. When the dog is not in or near the pool, an accident is much less likely. Unlike a removable pool fence, this mesh fence keeps the dog out.