How to Remove Black Algae From a Swimming Pool

black algae in swimming poolRemoving black algae from your swimming pool can be a hassle for any pool owner. These small black spots all over the walls can make even the nicest swimming pool look awful, but thankfully it is a problem which can be solved with just a little dedicated work.

Prevention is the single most important part of keeping an algae-free pool. Make a habit of regularly testing your water, even when your pool seems healthy. Your pH should remain around 7.5 and your chlorine around .5-1.5 ppm. In addition to these chemical tests, examine the flow of water in your pool. Black algae tends to grow in low-flow regions of a pool.
But if you are reading this article, the odds are good that it is already too late. Black algae has worked its way into your pool and now you want it gone. Have no fear, you can get your pool on the way to an algae-free life with three easy steps.

  • Water Testing

The first step to resolving your black algae issues is to test your water. Make sure that your ph and chlorine levels are where they belong. Correcting these issues is essential to ridding your pool of black algae. While you are working on this, it is also a good idea to thoroughly sanitize any pool floats or toys with bleach.

  • Scraping the Algae

Take a stiff-bristled brush and scrape all the algae in your pool. Black algae develops a slime layer which will protect it from the chemical treatments you add to your pool in the next step. Many pool owners will not scrape their algae thoroughly enough, resulting in a lingering presence of algae. Be sure you aren’t one of them.

  • Shocking the Water

Using granulated chlorine, add a heavy dose to the pool. This dosage should usually be about three times the normal amount or about 3 lbs to every 10,000 gallons. If you feel that the chlorine may not be doing enough, add more. During this process, it is essential that the filter for you pool is on and running. If the chlorine is not circulated around the pool it cannot do its job.

In most cases, the scrupulous use of the steps outlined above will rid your swimming pool of any black algae growth. If your bloom is particularly hardy, thoroughly scrape down the pool again, and then shock the water once more.