pool alarmsThere is nothing better in the summer than taking a refreshing dive in a swimming pool, especially during the summer. However, the private pool in your home can be a massive safety hazard for kids. Majority of childhood drownings in pools happens in the home pool of the child. The drownings that occur in the homes of neighbors, relatives, and friends account for about a third of the total incidents. According to statistics, most of the near-drownings and drownings occur during summer and late spring. More fatal drownings occur in the west and south. Drowning was the top cause of preventable death for kids between one to four years old. With many homes having a swimming pool you need to understand how to keep your kids safe from such incidents. Here is an exclusive look at Guardian’s Removable Pool Fencing Options.

Removable Pool Fencing

Fencing Of Swimming Pools

Installing a fence around your pool is the safest measure you can take according to Becky Turpin, the NSC director of home community safety. A pool fence puts in place a barrier that will keep your kids out of the pool. You should note, that it won’t replace parental supervision. The gates of the fence should be designed in such a way that they open outward away from the pool area. More so, the gates should be self-latching and self-closing. Despite the lack of federal pool-fence law, several cities and states have come up with their laws that state fence requirements and specifications such as the minimum height. Many building codes will require you to have a Permanent Pool Fence. In this case, Removable Pool Safety Fencing won’t be a good option for you.

Being the safest option to keep your kids safe, several types of removable pool fence are available on the market. However, it is only a few of them that are designed to provide maximum pool safety. It is advisable that you go to a reputable company such as Guardian. We have patented and innovative designs, excellent customer care, and highly skilled installers to ensure that you and your family will have a secure and safe environment around your pool. 

Guardian’s Removable Mesh Pool Fences

Guardian Pool Fence has been keeping children safe since the day it was established in 1989. With our ultra-tough and durable swimming pool fence, safety is the last thing you should worry about.

USA MadeOur fences are being constructed locally in the United States under strict construction standards. You can expect the highest standards  and pool fencing that is removable whenever you need it.

Many people find our removable pool fences safe and effective barrier to prevent drowning accidents. Many people prefers a removable system instead of a permanent structure. Our fences isolate the pool from your home, making the pool hard to access to young children.

To keep your swimming pool safe you should keep your pool fence up at all times and ensure that the gate is always closed.  Even though you can have a removable pool fence without a gate, this can be more risky. You should make sure you don’t forget to close the fence when you leave the pool area. If you forget to close the gate, you give children’s a chance to sneak in when you are not watching posing a significant safety risk.

Our Premier mesh is very transparent and we have marine grade aluminum poles supporting it. The fence is then placed into sleeves that we install into your surface deck. This makes the fence sturdy and durable.

Our No Holes Pool Fence stands in 3 feet long bases filled with water, which keeps it secure and immovable. 

Our removable pool fence uses tension to remain in place. However, we encourage regular inspection to ensure that everything is in its place and that you maximize the benefits this fence offers.

Although we make can make custom sizes, our standard fence comes in 12-foot sections. All sections are made to roll up and be removable easily. Homeowners can remove it in less than 15 minutes and put it back using almost the same amount of time. However, we don’t advise taking down the fence until the children are old enough and no longer require supervision.

Imagine you have a party, and your fence is open, and your children are present. This puts them at risk of falling and drowning in the pool. Note that parties are usually a distraction, so the parent or guardian may not always keep watch of their children’s whereabouts. Therefore, we advise that although the child barrier is removable, please don’t remove it for day-to-day use. Instead, provide another gate section at a different convenient location. 

About Guardian Pool Fence

patentedIf you’re looking for the safest mesh pool fence that is also affordable, removable, durable, and customizable, be glad you found Guardian. Our innovative and patented designs, highly skilled installers, and excellent customer service are why Guardian has been the #1 choice in mesh pool fencing for over 30 years. 

Why Choose Us?

  • Strongest Mesh Pool Fence In The Industry
  • The Only Climb-Resistant Pool Gate
  • Removable Or Permanent
  • Highly Skilled Professional Installers
  • Meets ASTM International Quality Standards
  • Our Premier Fence System Meets Building Code Requirements*

To ensure the highest quality, most of our products have been independently tested to meet the ASTM International quality and safety standards and are manufactured in-house in Los Angeles. We currently own 7 patents and our Premier Mesh Pool Fence with Locking Deck Sleeves complies with many local building code requirements.

Why is Our Pole the Safest Option?

A common assumption with many pool owners is that all pool fence poles are similar. Well, this is not true. We matched our poles against other pool fence poles and found out that ours are stronger. See the video. Aluminum poles can break easily even when the pressure or force is too much. However, our Premier Pole proved that it doesn’t break. Thanks to this resilience, you can expect a safe pool barrier that can take bumping up against it by children or adults leaning on it during parties.

What Makes Our Removable Fences Great?

Apart from being strong, our pool fence is also durable. It includes several elements that work together to ensure safety around your pool as much as possible. The poles are the main components that secure the fence sturdily.

These poles are so strong that it will take very high forces to bend or even break. Other than the poles, we have also included weatherproof mesh and borders to give you a see-through barrier. The pool fence will remain intact even with daily use and any weather, whether it is sunny, rainy, or cold.

self closing pool gateBenefits of Installing Self Closing/ Self Locking Gates

Self-closing or self-latching gates offer better protection as they close themselves automatically. Therefore, if there are people in the house and you forget to close your gate, you’ll still be assured of their safety. The gate should swing outwards or away from the pool. The benefits of the self-closing gate is that you don’t have to close or lock these gates physically. Thus, they are safer in instances when you have to suddenly leave the pool area. You get a phone call or something. Please note, our No Holes Pool Fence doesn’t come with a gate. If you’d like a gate it is possible, but you will have to drill holes for it.

How High Does a Pool Fence Need to Be?

Well, pool fences are generally 4 to 5 feet high, depending on the user’s request. For average toddlers, a 4-foot high fence is the minimum advisable option. Our fences have no top cross bar, so it is very difficult for young children to climb over. Please make sure you will keep patio furniture far away from the pool, kids can use that to get over the fence.

How Far Apart Are the Fence Poles Supposed to Be?

Fence poles are mostly used to strengthen the tension in the removable pool fence. Thus, the less they are apart, the better the strength they will be. We designed our pool fence poles 36 inches apart and our fence comes in 12 feet sections. 

Pool fence on stairs

What is the Best Mesh Material?

Many manufacturers today use polyester mesh with a vinyl coating when designing fence mesh. It’s like a continuous basket weaved through to ensure sturdy construction. Thus, it makes the pool fence strong and sturdy. The vinyl coatings can resist mildew which makes them easy to clean.

Should I Have a Bordered Mesh?

Yes. For complete safety, ensure that the four sides of your mesh have borders. This gives your fence a finished look and prevents the mesh from unraveling. You want to make sure that the mesh is strong and won’t sag with time.

Remember that children are fast learners and can quickly learn to open and close doors. Therefore, a pool fence will add an extra layer of protection around your home.

Why Choose Our Fences?

  • Many options to choose from– of course, safety is the main reason you are installing this fence in the first place. However, that doesn’t mean that you want dull-looking fences. Our fences come in different color options, meaning you can choose one that matches your home. We’ve designed them to suit different tastes and needs.
  • Suitable Height Options- we provide fences with different heights depending on your family’s needs. Please consult with our experts to find the best option for you.
  • Custom Configuration- we understand that pools are different. Therefore, we customize our fences for what is best for our customers. If need be, we will go up or down slopes multiple steps. We can also maneuver obstacles to ensure a perfect installation.

Removable Pool Fencing Prices

When it comes to your children’s safety price should not be a determining factor. But we know it is. When you want the safest option, you will have to have professional installation which adds in labor costs. It’s also possible that you may want to try DIY option. In any case, when you have a rough idea of the price, it can help you make big decisions. When it comes to the cost of removable pool fencing the United States, there are various factors to consider. For example:

Start-up costs

The cost of your pool fence will depend on the size of your pool and the material you want to use. The cost also depends on the installer you choose. It’s true: you get what you pay for. Some installers offer you coupons, which can help lower your price. Fences designed to surround your pool will cost you anywhere between $18 and $25 a linear foot with professional installation. Average fence prices are between $1000-$3000 depending on many, like height and length. Most pool fencing companies will offer you discounts if you are to enclose a larger area.

Guardian’s No Holes System is $26-$28/foot. You have to consider the fact that it is two systems that you are buying. The No Holes Pool Fence has many benefits from easy storage to easy installation.

Other Tips To Keep Your Swimming Pool Safe

Installing an Alarm System

Installing an alarm system provides an extra protection layer to keep the kids out of the water if they manage to get past the installed removable fence. Consider installing an alarm to alert you when the pool gates are opened. You can also invest in purchasing an underwater alarm system that detects wave activity using motion sensors. It will alert you when anyone dives or falls into the swimming pool. Some of the states, such as Tennessee has made it mandatory for homeowners to install a pool alarm system when building a pool due to its proven effectiveness.

Have A First Aid Kit and Rescue Equipment Near the Pool

Ensure you own a rescue buoy, life hook, or life ring to help pull a kid from water to safety. These rescue equipment should be stored near the pool in an accessible and clearly marked area for an emergency. You should also check them regularly to make sure they remain in good condition. The first aid kit should be stocked will all the essential components to enhance your kids’ safety.


Train the Kids How to Swim

It is never too late or too early for your kids to know how to swim. This is an excellent resort as it will help decrease the chance of the kids to drown. Though they won’t be drown-proof, they will be a lot safer in water. There are lots of swimming classes being offered all over Los Angeles, including private lessons if your kid has trouble learning how to swim.

Inspecting Drain Covers

In one of the famous incidents, a seven-year-old girl drowned due to the suction pressure from an underwater drain while in a hot tub. This is an indication that drain covers might turn into death traps. Even after you have put in place a removable pool fence, ensuring your drain covers are rounded and have no missing screws or cracks will help keep your kids safe when they get into the pool.

Safe Chemical Storage

Swimming pool chemicals are useful for killing disease, causing organisms in the water. However, they might cause havoc if mixed improperly or handled without using the correct protective gear. You must store the chemicals in a safe place away from kids reach.

Inspecting the Pool Area for Slip Hazards Daily

When items are left near the pool edge, your kids might slip on the objects and fall into the pool. Put efforts in ensuring that toys, tubes, cleaning equipment, and floats are eliminated from the pool area when not in use.