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13 positive YELP Reviews are filtered out

Please see our previous post regarding our YELP Reviews.

We need to address this again and ensure our customers that we stand 100% behind our products and services.

Guardian Pool Fence Systems Inc, has 3 public reviews on Yelp, 2 bad and one good.  When I log in to our business account I see that we have 15 filtered reviews that are NOT showing to visitors

Many small businesses believe that Yelp is filtering their good reviews out, unless they purchase advertising. A Class Action Lawsuit was filed against YELP recently, where business owners accused the online company for distortion. They claimed that YELP promised to remove bad reviews if they advertise with them. We’ve been contacted numerously to sign up but we always declined. Their basic advertising costs $300/month and they require us to sign a minimum of one year contract. Even though we were not promised bad review removal, we believe that this could be the reason for our positive reviews disappearing and only negative showing.

Please take a look at the YELP lawsuit website.

Today we have 15 filtered reviews that YELP was not showing. To be fair, you must see all the reviews that we received on YELP.

Let’s see our filtered reviews:

Yelp-reviews-first yelp-reviews-second yelp-reviews-third yelp-reviews-fourth

Please see our other post on YELP for the rest of the filtered YELP Reviews or read more reviews on our websites