Removable Pool Fence In Las Vegas

swimming poolMost homeowners in Las Vegas are fast embracing the need for a swimming pool in the residential spaces. Having a pool in your backyard provides the needed place for leisure, exercise, and relaxation conveniently.

One of the challenges raising kids in an environment with a swimming pool is safety. You can not monitor them all the time. It is therefore important you install a removable pool fence to secure the residential swimming pool. The removable pool fence tends to be strong and difficult to climb by the kids, thus keeps them safe from drowning.

Safety Features of Removable Pool Fence

Lock-in-Deck Technology

The lock-in-deck technology provides you a way to fasten the poles in the ground for better security. The technology makes the poles easy to remove for an adult while tough for children.

Building Code Compliant

Point-lock secure latches

The point-lock latches have wings designed with a special lock nut that locks in place to prevent opening and removal of the fencing. It can also adjust to control fence tension. The latch is made of durable stainless steel that does not corrode or rust.

Self-closing gates

Our self-closing gates will automatically close up conveniently. The latches are magnetic and the gate will close behind you and locks itself. It also comes with spring-loaded hinges for easy opening and closing, and a key option for safety.

Benefits of Removable Pool Fence

Ease of use

The versatility of a removable pool fence is because it is removable. You can remove, fold or store it in case you don’t need to use it anymore. Removability comes in handy when you reside in rented spaces or if your kids are older and you don’t need them anymore.

Las Vegas Pool Fence

Ease of Customization

There is a wide range of removable pool fence you can choose depending on your taste and budget. Our fences are made of mesh and come in different colors and heights. Please see our comparison table

Reduce accidental drowning

The removable pool fencing is climb resistant because of the soft top and no cross-bar preventing kids from grabbing it and pulling themselves up. They also do not have footholds and handholds kids can use to climb. 

Convenient to use

Removable pool fence comes with several features that make it convenient to access your pool. The self-latching and self-closing gate allow you to secure the pool area as you wish. You can lock those you wish out and open the pool back up when you want. This provides for peace of mind.


There are several types of removable pool fences you can choose from depending on your budget. The cost of installation in Las Vegas also varies depending on your location, size of the pool, and type of fence. Better still, there is no purchasing amount that can equal that of saving a life.

Pool safety

Most of the removable pool fences are transparent to allow you to monitor the kids even when you are some distance away. The recommended height of a removable pool barrier should is 4 feet high such that no child can climb over it. The removable fence generally provides a layer of protection in case adult lapses in concentration.

Additional Security Features

Do you feel like maybe your kids will find a way around the fence, or you just need some additional reinforcements to the pool fencing? These are some of the options to choose from.

1. Covers

You can use pool covers when you want to prevent your kids or pets from accidentally falling into the pool or to cover the pool for the off-season. The mesh covers are installed using 3ft concrete that is strong enough for one to walk on in case of an emergency.

The only concern that comes with it is that it allows dust, and sunlight that supports algae growth to pass through. It will, therefore, require some time to clean for the next use.

Even though there are solid covers that help in readying the pool faster as they block all dust, dirt, and debris out, you might need to pump the collected water from the top away which is hectic.

2. Nets

Net is an additional pool security option to go for if you don’t have 3ft concrete or your pool is open throughout the seasons. It comes in handy in preventing kids from accidentally falling into the pool. Nets are generally lightweight hence easy to set up and to take down. Nets are also less expensive as compared to covers and removable fences.

3. Pool alarm

A pool is set to detect motions in the pool. The pool works such that wind does not trick it into motion, yet it is so loud. The only downside with using a pool alarm is that it only rings for emergency cases; hence you don’t have enough time to prepare.

4. Safety Vacuum Release System

The safety vacuum release system is part of the drainage used to monitor the pools solution. The SVRS detects blockage on the system and will turn off automatically to reduce the risk of a kid getting trapped.


A removable pool fence is the best way to keep your kids safe from drowning around your residential swimming pool in Las Vegas. Investing in a pool fence is a great way to spend your money; it is convenient, easy to use, and provides for ease of customization.

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