Last Updated on March 23, 2024

pool alarmsThere is nothing better in the summer than taking a refreshing dive in a swimming pool, especially during the summer. However, the private pool in your home can be a massive safety hazard for kids. Majority of childhood drownings in pools happens in the home pool of the child. The drownings that occur in the homes of neighbors, relatives, and friends account for about a third of the total incidents. According to statistics, most of the near-drownings and drownings occur during summer and late spring. More fatal drownings occur in the west and south. Drowning was the top cause of preventable death for kids between one to four years old. With many homes having a swimming pool you need to understand how to keep your kids safe from such incidents. Here is an exclusive look at the removable pool fence.

Tips to Keep to Your Swimming Pool and The Kids Safe

Install A Removable Pool Fence

Installing a fence around your pool is the safest measure you can take according to Becky Turpin, the NSC director of home community safety. A pool fence puts in place a barrier that will keep your kids out of the pool if you are not there to look after them. The gates of the fence should be designed in such a way that they open outward away from the pool area. More so, the gates should be self-latching and self-closing. Despite the lack of federal pool-fence law, several cities and states have come up with their laws that state fence requirements and specifications such as the minimum height.

Fencing Of Swimming PoolsSome of the main points as described in the state’s pool-fence law includes building a four-sided isolation pool fence, using latches to latch the pool fence gates and ladders, use of a pool safety covers and a removable mesh fencing to ensure the safety of kids. With the potential of a child climbing over the fence, it is recommendable that the removable pool fence should be six feet high or more. If your pool is above the ground, ensure you enclose the ladder or steps to the pool with a fence.

Being the safest option to keep your kids safe, several types of removable pool fence are available on the market. However, it is only a few of them that are designed to provide maximum pool safety. It is advisable that you go to a reputable company such as Guardian. We have patented and innovative designs, excellent customer care, and highly skilled installers to ensure that you and your family will have a secure and safe environment around your pool. Our products meet ASTM standards and include the No Holes Fence and the Premier Poor Fence. You will also find the climb-resistant, self-latching, and self-closing pool gate exclusively on Guardian.

Remove the Diving Board from The Pool

Diving boards are one of the significant causes of pool injuries. You can easily slip off the board and get injured even if you know how to dive. Consequently, it is hence advisable to for you to ditch the diving boards from your pools in the attempt of keeping your kids safe. You should also consider taking down swimming pool slides as they also present a potential safety hazard.

Installing an Alarm System

Installing an alarm system provides an extra protection layer to keep the kids out of the water if they manage to get past the installed removable fence. Consider installing an alarm to alert you when the pool gates are opened. You can also invest in purchasing an underwater alarm system that detects wave activity using motion sensors. It will alert you when anyone dives or falls into the swimming pool. Some of the states, such as Tennessee has made it mandatory for homeowners to install a pool alarm system when building a pool due to its proven effectiveness.

Have A First Aid Kit and Rescue Equipment Near the Pool

Ensure you own a rescue buoy, life hook, or life ring to help pull a kid from water to safety. These rescue equipment should be stored near the pool in an accessible and clearly marked area for an emergency. You should also check them regularly to make sure they remain in good condition. The first aid kit should be stocked will all the essential components to enhance your kids’ safety.


Train the Kids How to Swim

It is never too late or too early for your kids to know how to swim. This is an excellent resort as it will help decrease the chance of the kids to drown. Though they won’t be drown-proof, they will be a lot safer in water. There are lots of swimming classes being offered all over Los Angeles, including private lessons if your kid has trouble learning how to swim.

Inspecting Drain Covers

In one of the famous incidents, a seven-year-old girl drowned due to the suction pressure from an underwater drain while in a hot tub. This is an indication that drain covers might turn into death traps. Even after you have put in place a removable pool fence, ensuring your drain covers are rounded and have no missing screws or cracks will help keep your kids safe when they get into the pool.

Safe Chemical Storage

Swimming pool chemicals are useful for killing disease, causing organisms in the water. However, they might cause havoc if mixed improperly or handled without using the correct protective gear. You must store the chemicals in a safe place away from kids reach.

Inspecting the Pool Area for Slip Hazards Daily

When items are left near the pool edge, your kids might slip on the objects and fall into the pool. Put efforts in ensuring that toys, tubes, cleaning equipment, and floats are eliminated from the pool area when not in use.


Swimming pools give hours of relaxation and fun to your family, but they might be a hazard for the kids. That is why you need to install a removable pool fence to help protect kids. This is the best way to keep your family happy and safe around the water as you enjoy your beautiful home pool.