Fence For Dogs

Like millions of other Americans you love your dog and, like millions of other Americans, sometimes Poochie doesn’t always behave perfectly. Often that’s no big problem but when it comes to the safety of your pet matters are a lot more serious, and you want to know that our pets are safe and secure while they run around the backyard, especially if you’ve got a pool.

The big problem is that dogs, especially, have strong claws and lots of determination and energy. If your furry friend wants to dig through something they can often find a way through. That’s where we come in. We at Guardian have been in business for years making pool fences, but we have found that existing pet fences often don’t do the job. They can last for a while but a determined critter will sooner or later wear through the fencing and get into somewhere they shouldn’t be, or out of somewhere they should! So we set out to find a solution to this problem and we are very pleased to have done just that.

You will find that our pet fence system is a very tough and durable way to corral family members of the canine persuasion. The fence is made up of a very fine mesh of very durable material. It is so fine, in fact, that dogs can’t find a place to hook their claws into it and so they cannot do damage to the fencing. They can try, but they will just wear themselves out and give up. Take a look at the fence’s features.

  • Five years in development
  • Constructed from black polyester
  • Fine “pet mesh” that does not allow claws to gain purchase
  • The mesh remains see-through
  • Strong, durable fence poles and latches so even the biggest dogs can’t push the fence over or wear or it down
  • A variety of fence heights to suit the size of your pets
  • Removable like our standard pool fences, so you can customize and adjust as needed

As you can see the Guardian pet fence has a lot going for it! Whether you need to block off an exit, keep your canine friends out of the pool area, or create a designated play area for them, our system will make sure you can rest easy knowing that Rover won’t be able to get into trouble.