Approved In California

Code approved – Regulations For Pool Fences In Los Angeles

Installing a pool safety fence will not only keep you up to code, it will grant you peace of mind. Know that your children or grandchildren can play safely in your yard. Unfortunately, the accidental drowning of young children occurs all too often and usually in a very short amount of time. A majority of the accidents happen when the child is thought to be sleeping or occupied elsewhere inside the house. However, the rate of accidental drowning is reduced by 90% when a pool fence is installed.

The regulations for pool fences in Los Angeles are that every pool must have a perimeter fence that completely surrounds the pool area. The gate must be both self-closing and self-latching, to prevent accidents when someone does not shut it tightly. The gate must also have a lock and be locked when the pool is not in use. Pool covers and alarms are also advisable.

There are several fences to choose from. One popular design is the tempered glass pool fence which is known for its sleek and stylish look, yet is still sturdy. These fences can be installed with a variety of frames or with no frames. Another style is the mesh fence which comes in a variety of colors and can be removed by adults if needed yet cannot be removed by children, ensuring their safety. 

Choose a reliable company with a good reputation to install the pool fence. Know that you are not just following codes but that you are also ensuring the safety of your little ones with this wise investment.

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