We have received our 5th patent: U.S. PAT# 8,919,741B2

patentedU.S. PAT# 8,919,741B2

… for our No Holes Pool Fence . This patent is for the ability to change direction while keeping the fence tight.

Do you have a pool, but are worried about accidents that can occur? Small children and elderly people can easily fall into an in-ground pool, leading to serious injury or worse. But drilling holes around the pool can be costly, and might not be possible for renters or timeshare residents. Luckily, there is a safe, cost effective, and convenient solution: the brand new No Holes Pool Fence from Guardian.


The No Holes Pool Fence comes with a series of hollow bases for easy maneuverability. Simply place the bases around the pool in the configuration you desire.The bases are built with an interlocking pattern, and come with fasteners so that they remain connected before and after the set up is finished. Each base can be fill with sand or water, weighing up to sixty-five pounds each. The combined weight of all the bases together makes the fence sturdy and practically impossible to knock over.

After assembling the bases, insert the two poles attached to each fence segment into one of the weighted bases. The mesh will become taut as both poles are inserted, making sure nothing can slip underneath. Finally, fasten each fence segment together with the spring-locked safety latches, and the fence is complete, ready to protect against unwanted poolside mishaps.

Please read more about our patent at: https://www.google.com.tr/patents/US8919741