Reasons Why You should have a pool fence

Most people know that having a pool is fun. But, having a pool is also a big responsibility. Beyond regular maintenance is the necessity to make the pool safe. Children will be drawn to a pool and parents will always worry. So, it is essential to have a safety plan in place, and a pool fence is the most important feature of this plan. Any home with children or individuals that cannot swim needs to have a pool fence around their pool. This will keep loved ones and even your pets safe. You get additional security with a pool fence as well as several other benefits.

Reasons Why You Need a Pool Fence

  • It’s the Law: Many cities make it a law to have pool fences because of the hazards of having an unprotected pool. It is important to check your local pool regulations and codes to make sure you get an appropriate fence. We can help you with a pool fence estimate as well as make sure you have all the coding information required.
  • Save on Insurance: In addition to many states requiring pool fences to be installed, insurance companies may also make this a requirement, Depending on your homeowner’s insurance policy, a pool fence can save you money. In most cases, the fence also needs to have a bolted gate.
  • Added Privacy: Most backyards are open for people to see and you may not like your neighbors being able to watch you swim. When you have a pool fence, you get a little extra privacy around the pool area and for those that are self-conscious, you no longer have to worry about who can see you.
  • Convenient: Pool covers are not always easy to operate. You have to remove and replace them every time you go for a swim. Not every pool cover is guaranteed to be safe too. With a pool fence, there is little effort required as you only need to make sure the gate is locked on your way in and out. You do need to make sure that the locking system is high enough that children cannot reach it.
  • Flexible Designs: Pool fences often have to be a specific height, as regulated by city codes. Beyond this, you have great flexibility as to the design and style of your pool fence. You can choose a design that offers maximum privacy and choose materials and colors that best match your home. You will need to make sure that whatever design you pick, there are no gaps big enough for children to fit through.
  • Easy installation: Many homeowners mistakenly think that installing a pool fence is a troublesome job. But, out trained professional installers get the job done quickly and efficiently. No matter what your landscape, we get the fence safely installed according to your needs.


A pool fence is necessary for keeping loved ones safe. Reach out to us today for an estimate and soon you will enjoy peace of mind and many other benefits.


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