Reasons to Own a Swimming Pool Fence

Is a pool fence required?

Swimming pool fences, are not only a necessary safety tool, they can add beauty to your backyard landscaping. Most people understand that a fence around the perimeter of the pool is a wise choice. Here are the main reasons to own a swimming pool fence:

  • Safety is of utmost importance – Over 300 children drown in residential pools every year. This alone should be reason enough to erect a fence around your pool. A fence does not eliminate drownings but they sure do help. Make sure you also have adult supervision while youngsters swim in your pool. A fence will also help keep your pet from getting in the pool and either drowning or ruining your pool liner.
  • Added beauty to your backyard area – While safety is the most important reason for a swimming pool fence, it is not the only reason. An attractive fence can be very inviting and can easily blend into your whole backyard decor. A mesh fence can add class to the backyard area and even increase the value of your beautiful home.
  • The Liability Issues — If someone injures themselves in your pool and you do not have a fence installed you will open yourself up to a lawsuit.
  • A fence may be required by law – Even though, there is not a Federal law requiring a fence around your pool, there may be a local law. Check with your municipality to see what is required. If you foster children or are planning to adopt and you have a pool, you will need to have a fence installed.

Keep your kids and pets safe and have an enjoyable time with your fenced in swimming pool.


Do you need a pool fence?