How To Protect Toddlers From Drowning

pool safety for toddlers

Using safety systems and precautions in a pool can prevent drowning or injuries. Your family will be more secure when you follow water safety recommendations. It is the only way your family can have fun, and be safe in your spa or in the swimming pool. The following are pool safety guidelines you can employ to secure your family.


  1. Be alert when your children are in the pool or near it. Never leave children unattended.
  2. Let your children learn the basic water safety rules and review them anytime they need to go in a spa or pool
  3. To avoid accidents, keep your kids away from drainpipes, pool drains or other openings
  4. Ensure you always have a phone by your side when the family is in the pool
  5. If you cannot spot a child, rush to the spa or the pool first
  6. Have safety instructions and a plan in case of emergency, and involve your neighbors.
  7. Ensure the distance between you and your toddlers is arm’s length while the child is in the pool even when he/she has a floating device. Floating aids are not as secure as approved life vests, and they can give adults and children the wrong sense of security.
  8. Avoid alcohol or anything that can alter your mind while you are with your children in the pool.

Water safety skills


  1. Learn and teach your kids to swim
  2. Ensure you comprehend the life-savings basic to be on the safe side in case of emergency
  3. Educate yourself on how to go about adult and infant CPR, and keep on updating them
  4. Learn about safety and local ordinance codes
  5. Restrict running, thrill seeking stunts and roughhousing near the pool such as the head first slide, diving maneuvers or pushing someone in the pool.
  6. Install the right pool equipment and keep the environment risk-free
  7. Have a pool safety kit for your spa or swimming pool including:
    • Floatation device
    • An emergency portable phone
    • A pair of scissors
    • First aid kit
  8. Install a 4 foot or climb-resistant fence around the spa or pool, also get self-latching, self-closing pool gates. 
  9. Keep tables, climbable surfaces and chairs far to avoid children from climbing over into the pool. 
  10. Do not leave toys near the pool and ensure you have a lockable cover in your pool or spa.
  11. Install gate and pool alarms to alert in case kids near the water.
  12. You can install an underwater or surface alarm according to your preference.
  13. Always ensure the spa and pool covers are working, and the walkways surfaces such as diving boards, ladders, decks are non-slippery. Replace or reinforce in case there is a wear out
  14. All shallow water below 6 feet needs to marked using large painted numbers or safety float lines, also ensure you have given the right depth markers in the pool.
  15. Close the pool when there are lightning storms. Check and see if the fault circuit interpreters are fixed in the entire pool.


Following the above guidelines will help to improve your child’s safety in your home, and at the same time, you will get peace of mind.