Pros and Cons of Pool Safety Nets


It is really important to take safety precautions when you have a swimming pool in your home. Safety nets are a great way to ensure that your children are safe around your pool. Pool safety nets cover your pool when your children aren’t using it or aren’t being supervised. Guardian’s pool safety net is a reliable option if you’re looking to invest in a safety net.

Pool safety nets can be used by stretching over your pool and being anchored to the sides, so that the entire surface of water is covered to prevent accidents such as your child falling in when there is nobody around to see. The net is made from the best and strongest quality material, so you can rest assured that it won’t break or become warn down by harsh weather during winter. These materials are carefully tested and tried to make sure they are without fault.

Our safety net can be used on water features, pools of all shapes and sizes, and when it comes to installing they follow and meet strict ASTM safety codes. Our nets comes in many different shapes and sizes, so you can pick one tailored to your own pool or water feature. So lay your worries to bed and sleep easy knowing that your pool has maximum security precautions.

There are many pros to this safety net, as well as, on the downside, a few cons.


  • The Guardian safety net has a perfect safety record.
  • This net has aesthetic appeal, as you can maintain a clear view of your water feature or pool
  • Non-invasive installation procedure, it’s efficient without compromising on safety
  • Option to choose a leaf cover, so you don’t have to worry about harsh weather conditions affecting the appearance and usability of your pool
  • Extremely versatile and can stretch to fit any size or shape pool or water feature

Meets safety codes and regulations, as outlined by ASTM F1346-91


  • The safety net is a manual cover, and can therefore take a little while to take on and off, typically 5 minutes to remove and 8 minutes to replace

A quality safety net is a great investment if you want to ensure the safety of your kids in the back yard all year round. It’s versatile and reliable, with a clean no-fail record, you don’t have to worry about mishaps or faulty products. It’s aesthetically pleasing ,with color choices to compliment the design of your back yard. There are so many reasons to invest in a safety net and barely one reason not to! The time it takes to apply and remove the net is a small price to pay for the safety and well being of your children, right? Accidents happen all the time, so avoid you or your child being the victim of one this season and invest in a pool safety net.

Do you need a pool safety net?