Plant and swimming pool in backyard

Having a swimming pool may be on your wishlist when house hunting. Having a pool can make your house the envy of the neighborhood. But, a pool is a big investment and responsibility. When looking for a home, there are pros and cons to consider about having a pool, before you dive in.

Pros And Cons Of Buying A Home With Swimming Pool

The Pros

Apart from getting bragging rights, there are many benefits to getting a house with a pool.

  • Great For Mind and Body: Swimming is one of the best exercises for losing weight and maintaining health. It is also relaxing and a great way to unwind after a stressful day. Swimming is also a great skill for children to learn and a refreshing way to spend any afternoon.
  • Social Center: Share the fun of your pool with others. A pool is a great backdrop for parties, events, playdates, and more. A pool is a guaranteed hot spot, especially if it is the only one in the neighborhood.
  • Added Value: Along with added value to your social life a pool can add value to the home. A well-designed pool that matches the house’s style and decor is a bonus to potential buyers. In warmer climates, having a pool is especially popular and can increase your asking price, should you ever resell.

As great as a pool is, it is worth considering the disadvantages of having one as well. Before you buy a home with a pool, it is important to consider all aspects.

The Cons

  • Maintenance: The pools you see in movies are beautiful, but this takes work. Maintaining a pool is a continuous job and one you must commit to. You will need to know about proper pool maintenance and cleaning which includes knowledge of chemicals, pH levels, and how to properly clean filters. You will need to have a regular schedule for cleaning. Hiring professional pool cleaners is also an option, but this will be an added expense.
  • Expensive Repairs: Pool maintenance and cleaning are costly, but repairs are even more so. A good pool will have a vinyl lining to prevent mold growth which costs around $200 upon installation. Replacing one that is damaged costs around $1700. Fixing leaks is also expensive and can be as much as $1000. These also require professionals, which adds to the cost in terms of labor.
  • Safety Risks: Drowning is a big risk with pools so homes with pools are not always ideal for those with pets and children. The pool may not come with necessary safety features like covers and pool fences, and diving boards are a hazard too. If you buy a house with a pool, you will need to make sure you take all the safety precautions too.
  • Insurance Increase: You can expect your insurance premiums to go up with a pool because of the added risks.
  • Higher Utilities: The cost of utilities will also go up. Pumps and filters can cost around $300 a year and if you choose to have a heated pool, the cost of a heater runs close to $600 a month depending on how often it is used.


You may wish to have a pool because they are glamorous and fun. But, having a pool comes with risks and a lot of work. It may look appealing as you consider buying a home, but remember to think about all aspects and what will be required to keep it that way once you move in.


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