How To Properly Use Pool Toys To Ensure Kids Safety

How To Properly Use Pool Toys To Ensure Kids Safety

Pool toys are great to have on the swimming pool as they make swimming more interesting. Some pool toys are designed in such a way that they necessitate group action, which is all the more engaging. Pool toys for kids are commonly used by parents to help their children feel comfortable and enjoy swimming. However, as a parent, you cannot afford to ignore what the labels in the pool toys say; neither can you ignore what experts say against using flotation toys by kids who do not know how to swim.


How To Use Pool Toys Safely

It is not all fun when you are out in the swimming pool with the little ones. While pool floats are real pleasure to have around, you also need to ensure that your kids are safe while using them. Here are some suggestions on how to ensure kids safety while they are with pool toys.

Strict Supervision: The basic rule to ensure kids safety while in the swimming pool is to have them under your strict supervision. Not even the best of pool toys replace the attention of a parent. If your kids are in the pool, it is essential to keep watch. You need to stay within 3 feet distance of the child so that you can rush to assist the child if a need so arises.

Know What You Buy: Buying pool toys that suit your child’s requirements is essential. However impressive a pool toy may be, do not buy it unless your child falls in the recommended age group for using the toy. Base your choice on how helpful it would be for your child and the possible risk factors associated with it. If the toy proves risky, it is best not to buy it.

Go By The Instructions: While buying pool toys look for warnings in the labels. The labels give you a clear picture on how to use the toy and it also serves warnings so that parents get realistic about depending on the toys to keep children company while in water.

Handle Them Well: Follow the instructions on how to use the toy when in use and when not in use. It is recommended to deflate inflatable toys after use so that they are well maintained. Once out of the swimming pool, the toys are to be kept out of the reach of children. Never allow your child to play with the pool toy once out of the swimming pool. It is also essential to look for leaks before you set out to the swimming pool with your child and the pool toys.

Never Leave The Toys Unattended Too: It is not advisable to leave the pool toys floating in the water when your child is off the pool and not under supervision. A floating toy may tempt the child to reach for it and before you know, your child will be off towards the pool to have a go for the toy. Hence, it is best to bring back the toys once your child is off the pool, deflate the toys and keep them away from your child’s reach.

Wristband To Help: Making your child wear the wristband with alarm. As mentioned above, no equipment can take the place of a watchful parent but having a wristband will be helpful too as the band will raise an alarm if the child’s wrist gets submerged.