Proper Chlorine Levels For Save and Healthy Pools

how much chlorine in swimming poolIt’s that wonderful time of year to open the pool. You have to maintain it with Chlorine throughout the warm months.

Chlorine is a simple but highly important agent for maintaining a healthy pool. It kills off the germs and bacteria allowing for total fun and enjoyment.

Following a few simple steps keeps your pool clean and sanitized.

Bacteria levels change in the water for a number of reasons. Hot weather, lots of sun, and high usage can increase those levels. Cold weather, clouds, and low usage keeps the levels lower. Because of these factors, weekly testing of chlorine levels is important. By using a simple water test kit, you can keep those levels where they should be to ensure proper health. Electronic photometers, DPD kits, and test strips are a few examples of testing methods available. TAYLOR test kits come highly recommended by the American Swimming Coaches Association. Use the one that works best for you. Proper levels of between 2.0 and 5.0 should be maintained at all times.

Know your proper chlorine levels!

These are a few terms to keep in mind.

  • Free Chlorine: The active form of chlorine to kill bacteria and algae
  • Combined Chlorine: Chlorine that has combined with other compounds in the water.
  • Total Chlorine: The sum of Free Chlorine and Combined Chlorine
  • Chlorine Demand: The amount of chlorine needed to properly sanitize the water in your pool.

Become familiar with these and other terms to help you keep your pool’s chlorine levels consistent and the water crystal clear. Your local pool supply store can help to determine where your water levels should be.

By following a simple routine of proper chlorine levels, you can rest assured that your summer fun will be healthy and safe.