How to keep your portable pool safe?


Summer is here, and the warmth from outside may make many desire a pool for the season. For whatever reason, be it convenience or simply time constraints on maintenance, a portable pool seems like the best option for some. However, it is best to make sure you are following the proper procedures for portable pool safety so disaster does not strike.


While it may not seem very aesthetically attractive, fencing your pool this summer is a fantastic option. It deters away small children who are unable to reach the handle to get in, and also prevents other kids from going in without adult supervision due to the psychological implications of it being trespassing, and therefore not a good idea to do unless an adult gives their okay.


When using a bigger portable pool, it is a fantastic idea to ensure all ladders and other ways of entering the pool are properly put away when not in use. Also consider getting a pool cover to further ensure portable pool safety, but just make sure to ask the sales associate if the pool cover you have selected does indeed meet the latest standards.


Some households have taken it a step further and have had door alarms installed so that an alarm rings every time someone enters or exits the house. This is a good precaution to take to ensure children do not wander off as soon as the parent is not looking.


Lastly, the most effective way to ensure portable pool safety is to teach children how to swim and act when around or in water. But be warned, just because a child knows how to swim, does not by any means imply they are in fact completely drown-proof. Make sure they know that being rough and holding someone down in water is never alright, and to be careful when playing. Also make sure they know the real signs of drowning- many people are lead to believe that a person who is drowning will flail their arms and scream for help. The reality is, drowning is a silent misadventure and often has next to no movement.


So this season, just ensuring you follow the proper portable pool safety procedures will give you and your family peace of mind. Enjoy the warm weather and take some time to relax. With the right precautions, anyone can have a worry free summer.