The ‘No Holes’ pool fencing is the first of its kind in the world. Ingeniously crafted and engineered after years of in-depth research, Guardian Pool Fence Systems has introduced this fence that will be a solution to most pool fencing problems, if not all. It is especially highly recommended for those people who have children visiting occasionally, are renting a property or do not want to have holes drilled in their deck.

This fence provides a sturdy base for the poles to stand from. The bases in turn, when connected and filled to the brim with water become extremely difficult to even move, thus securing the fence in place. To remove and store the fence, one has to only empty the base.

Benefits of the No Holes Pool Fence

It still provides the same great and high quality standards expected from the Guardian Pool Fences.

Safety measures have been put in place for the fence since their main goal is to eliminate all accidental pool-related deaths. This means that access to the pool from outside is limited.

Pros of the No Holes Pool Fence

  • The system is quite easy for the user to install and set up and only requires a demonstration from the dealer delivering it.
  • It is affordable to most pool owners compared to pool covers, especially the automated ones.
  • It provides protection especially to young children and prevents them from accessing the pool without any adult supervision. This in turn goes a long way in preventing accidents like drowning from ever happening.
  • It helps to dissuade unauthorized persons from entering one’s pool area and thus protecting the pool owner.
  • The system requires no drilling holes in the ground for installation thus leaving one’s deck still secure and stable.

Cons of the No Holes Pool Fence

  • The setting up and pulling down of the fence may require some substantial amount of time therefore making the process time-consuming and cumbersome.
  • It requires storage space when it is not in use
  • The fence obstructs the pool view.

Regardless of its drawbacks, the No Holes Pool Fence is an incredible system and a must-have for any pool owner.