Portable Pool Safety Fence

No Holes Pool Fence


When living in the area it is always necessary to have some sort of a fence around a pool. The fence, which must stand at least five feet in height, is designed to prevent children and animals from wandering into the pool area and falling in. However, there are also times where you might need a portable safety fence, should you want your child the ability to play outside, but not close to the pool. You might have looked at different pool fence ideas without any portable fence options. There is no reason why you shouldn’t have the ability to protect your children, which is where it is possible to make utilize one of the current pool fence ideas in order to create the perfect safety fence for your home.




A portable safety fence is going to consist of two parts: the base and the fence. While other pool fence ideas might still require some sort of a permanent foundation, this does not require you to do so. With this design the base is a plastic material filled with water. Simply fill the container up with a hose and it gives you the necessary weight to prevent any sort of movement, all while allowing you to drain the base when you’re done.


The second portion of the fence is the fence itself. Chain link fence is traditionally the easiest to set up and install, but this isn’t very permanent, and children who are determined are easily able to climb over this fence. Instead, a mesh based material should work far better than anything else, plus the mush can be easily rolled up and put away during the off season or when you don’t need the portable fence in place. A linking pole inserts into both either end of the water-filled base (so each base has two different poles) and the mesh is attached in the middle of the poles. Then the attaching poles and mesh  on the other bases can then attach to one another. This allows you to alter the shape of the fence in order to make sure it contours to the desired configuration you want. It can also then easily be deconstructed, should you want to move the fence or take it down. All of it is designed to make your life easier, regardless of your reason for the fence or what it is designed to do.