Complete Pool Safety


As pleasurable as swimming can be, it can cause damage that is irreversible if you ignore or fail to embrace necessary safety measures. As such, pool safety should be a primary concern to pool owners, which calls for coming up with some rules to make this place safe. There are several safety actions that pool owners should assume, and listed below are the principal. So, keep reading to have an idea, and do not stop at that but ensure that you adopt them.

Enclose the pool area

This is the first step while setting measures to make your swimming pool a safe place. It is crucial to take this step, especially with small kids or pets. Remember, you may want to watch over your children all time, but an emergency call or some other form of urgency can arise, making you leave your child in the yard alone, which is not a good step to take with an unsecured fence. So, secure the pool area with a decent high fence and have a self-closing or self-latching gate. What’s more, your kid should not manage to open the gate or jump over it. So, keep that in consideration as you choose the best gate.

Install pool alarms

Apart from securing the pool area, install pool alarms, fence kits, and gate alarms. Pool alarms are available both for above-ground pools and in-ground pools. They help alert you when someone accidentally falls into the pool. Hence, you can be sure that when your kid or pet falls into the pool, you will get notified before it is too late.

Also, get fence kits available for both in-ground and above ground pools. Such kits prevent drowning should someone accidentally fall into the pool. Finally, consider gate alarms that detect when someone is getting close to the entrance, so that you can get notified in case of an authorized entry. These are safe as you may think that you locked the gate, only to find out that your child managed to open it.

Supervise your children

You should never leave your young ones alone in the pool area. Always have an adult watching over your kids when they are in the pool. You should take this step with much weight when you have parties in your home, as controlling a large number of kids can be tasking. If you wish to allow kids to swim, let them wear life jackets so that they are easy to notice and set rules that they should strictly abide by.

Consider getting your family acquainted with swimming skills

There is no better way to have your children and young adults safe when around the pool than to enroll them for swimming lessons to equip them with swimming skills. After all, you can control your children while at home, but can’t control them while they get to their friend’s place. So, let your household members learn to swim, as well as how to attend to aquatic emergencies so that they can act fast in case of an accident.

Maintain the pool water clean and clear

We often use chemical treatments to keep water healthy and free from contaminants, but using too much of these can be disastrous. You do not want to rush your family to the hospital due to much chemicals that resulted in health issues. So, use prescribed amounts of pool treatments, and ensure that they do not tamper with your clear view through the water so you can notice some unusual stuff in the swimming pool fast.

Avoid swimming during bad weather

By bad weather, I mean when it is raining, or when you hear the sound of thunder. Once you notice either of these, leave the pool before lightning strikes. Note that lightning can be disastrous since it conducts electricity. So stay safe to avoid it, as it can result in death or serious injuries.

Have some rules to follow

Swimming pools are for sure a place to have fun. However, there is a lot of danger lurking in these areas. As such, setting some rules of conduct around this area is crucial, and not only that but ensuring that all members abide by them. Some of the ideas to include in such codes include, no one should swim under the influence of alcohol.

No one should jump into the pool from a higher place rather than that recommended, those training to swim should always have their life jackets on, among others. If you can set rules and watch for those who break them, you can be sure to have a drastic drop in the number of accidents.

Once you follow the tips enlisted above, you will help lower the accidents that result from pools with a tremendous number. What’s more, if you notice that a child is missing, always and I mean always, check in the pool first. One second has a lot to do with the kid’s survival. So, ensure that you heed to this.

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