Sacramento is not known for being the sunniest place in California, but as the capital city of the state, many residential areas thrive. The sun doesn’t need to shine each day of the year for the residents of Sacramento to enjoy their pools. Having a pool is a big responsibility and a huge investment in your home, so you want to take it seriously. You take the time to maintain your pool so that it lasts, but you also need to take safety precautions to make sure people can enjoy their pool time.

Drowning is one o the leading causes of death of children in California, but this is within our control. By taking the necessary safety precautions, you can make sure that your pool is a fun zone rather than a danger zone. Many people think that having a pool cover and supervision is all that you need to keep kids safe. This could not be more wrong. Curious children can get under some pool covers and constant supervision is not always realistic. The best way to keep your children safe is to install a pool fence.

Sacramento and the surrounding area has certain requirements and regulations when it comes to pool fencing. The fence must be at least five feet tall and any opening cannot exceed four inches in diameter. Mesh material is the best to use because it does not allow for climbing. In addition, fences need to have self-closing and self-locking gates that open away from the pool. We take all local regulations into consideration and take pride in offering your pool fencing solutions that deliver peace of mind and the best safety possible.