Pool Fence Removable

Removable Mesh Pool Fencing

When parents of infants and toddlers look into purchasing products to protect their children from the backyard pool, they are usually concerned about three primary issues. The first concern is whether the product will prevent their children from getting to the pool. The second issue is how functional the product is in their backyard. The third issue is what the product is going to look like once it has been installed.

A Guardian Pool Fence System addresses every one of these concerns. This patented system is removable, key-locking, non-climbable, and self-closing. The gate was designed without a crossbar so if a child tries to climb it, there is nothing to grab on the fence or the gate, making this system one of the safest available. The double-pole trusses on each side of the gate allows the tension on the fencing to be maintained, without the tension affecting the gate operation. The gate is made from galvanized steel for strength issues and is coated in plastic, not powder coating.

Variety also makes this pool fence system noteworthy. It is available in either four- or five-foot heights in approximately forty different models. With the system available in black, green, brown, and beige, you can rest assured that it will match your existing decor.

Dont take a chance with your child’s safety. If you own a pool you owe it to yourself to make the area as safe as possible.

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