Pool Fence in Central Florida

Your backyard is your getaway and your family’s own private oasis. When you have a pool, your sanctuary becomes serene and fun all at the same time.  The last thing you want interfering with that fun is a pool-related accident.  Orlando is one of the largest cities in the Sunshine State of Florida and a large number of homes have pools.  As a pool owner, safety needs to be your top priority and the best investment for safety is a pool fence.

Accidental drowning occurs far too often, as curious children explore the yard without supervision. Having a durable fence with a gate that latches closed is the best way to keep your little ones safe. The good thing about pool fencing is that many styles and designs are available so you can get one to fit with your yard décor.  You no longer have the excuse that it doesn’t look good. You need to make sure that the fence you install meets all the necessary State regulations and safety requirements.  When you choose to work with us, you can rest assured that all our pool fences have passed the necessary testing and certification under Florida law.

Under the Residential Swimming Pool Safety Act, all outdoor swimming pools must have a 4-foot fence around the outer perimeter of the pool. There can be no gaps in coverage and the barrier must also be sufficiently away from the pool’s edge. Entry through the fence into the pool area must open outward and have a self-closing and self-locking device that is beyond a child’s reach.

Your pool should be a place to relax, and with any of our mesh pool fences, you can do just that. With a latched gate, you can get easy access to your pool but keep out the kids when you are not around. All our materials have been rigorously tested and can withstand any seasonal weather changes, so you can be sure it will last a long time. The fences are also climb-resistant, so even the most determined kids are kept at bay.

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