Pool Fences in Hawaii

Hawaii is famous for beautiful beaches and beautiful weather.  With nice weather pretty much all year round, many houses have swimming pools. Honolulu, on the island of Oahu, is the most populated and has the largest number of hotels and residential homes with pools. Pool owners need to remember that safety comes first, and should take all precautions to prevent drowning hazards.

The simple fact is that pools need fences. Often covers are not enough. Having a pool fence with a locking gate is the best way to keep children and pets safe. The fence does not have to be super tall and unsightly. We offer many styles and designs that can be easily incorporated into the style of your yard. What is important is to have durable material, a locking gate, and mesh that cannot be climbed.

Swimming pools are fun so you should never underestimate kids wanting to get in. In order to keep your pool fun, look into getting a safety fence installed right away. You can choose from glass fences, wood fences, aluminum, steel or mesh. Each material offers its own set of advantages, so it really comes down to the look you want.

Having a pool fence not only protects your loved ones from accidental drownings, but it can help with pool maintenance. Fences can keep out debris that is blowing around the yard as well as leaves or fallen branches. Only the public pools in Hawaii have regulations and safety requirements that need to be met. It is the pool owner’s responsibility to ensure proper safety precautions are in place at their home.

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