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Pool safety fences are especially important in Florida, where the humid climate leads many families to seek relief with the cool waters of a backyard pool. A 2006 Florida Department of Health survey found an estimated 1.1 million homes with pools, based on property assessments. But that comfort brings a grim cost: the state has the highest rate in the country of drowning deaths in children under age five.


Our dealers are extended all across the United States,Canada, Puerto Rico, the Bahamas and European Union nations such as France,  Spain and Portugal. We are also expanding into South America, Central America, Australia and South Africa. There are still many openings here in the USA and Canada.


To inquire about our business opportunity and how you can become a Guardian Pool Fence System dealer call us toll free in The USA or Canada at 1-800-366-7233. Outside of North America call us at 818-767-7233.

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