Pool Fence California

Guardian Pool Fence California

Van Nuys, California-based Guardian Pool Fence Systems, Inc. has been the leader in pool fence design and manufacturing since 1992.


The company supports a national dealer and installer network trained specifically to implement the safety guidelines necessary for safe installations.


We are expanding to keep up with our growing business. With the hot summer days in California a swimming pool is a commodity for homeowners. Pools are great for relaxing and enjoying long summer days with your family. A pool is also a great way of entertaining your guests.


Our safety pool fences are a way to solve that issue. Installation of a pool safety fence will keep your children away from the pool area and prevent a tragic drowning. It is an investment for homeowners who want to protect their most valued treasures; their children.


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Our California dealer network:

Sacramento: Sacramento Area

Los Angeles: Los Angeles County

Central California: Fresno County, Bakersfield, Central Beach Areas

Northern California: Almeda, Sonoma, Marin Counties and Northern California

Marin County: Marin and Sonoma Counties

San Francisco Bay: San Francisco, The Bay Area; Contra Costa and Solano Counties

Southern California: Orange County, San Diego till the Mexican border