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Pool Fence – South Texas

Guardian pool fences of South Texas serves the area from Austin to San Antonio to Laredo to Corpus Christi. In most states and cities, when you build a new pool, it is mandatory to install a pool fence as well. Every municipality can have their own building code requirements for pools and spas. Be sure to check the codes for your area so you can get the right fence.

Guardian pool fence has been approved by many local building codes. Installing our pool fencing gives us a sense of pride and satisfaction allowing us to do our part in preventing drowning and saving lives. Our South Texas Dealer is certified to install Guardian’s removable pool fence in all concrete, tile, stone, pavers, wood and composite decks or soil.

Guardian makes pool safety fences with patented safety advances like climb-resistant gates which do not provide a top bar for a child to grab. the self-closing gate also provides peace of mind, just in case you forget or your hands are too full. Guardian’s locking fence pool sleeves are also patented, and they ensure the fence cannot be taken apart without the use of tools. With tools and a bit of know-how, you can easily remove the locking fence posts. This helps in the event the fence has to be quickly taken down ahead of a storm or when you are moving.

A pool is a fun place to spend warm days, to entertain and to get fit, but when accidents occur, they become a real danger zone. Most people will opt for pool covers, but even these can be unreliable at times. To keep your loved ones safe, install a pool fence with a locking gate. Guardian provides all the options you want and need when it comes to pool fencing, so contact us today.

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