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Ontario Toronto Pool Fence

Everybody likes to enjoy a refreshing pool during the summer months but this pleasure comes with responsibility. The number one priority is to make your pool area as safe as possible. Supervision is not always enough and pool covers can be easily tampered with. We conduct extensive research into products to help make our swimming pool items safer.  To get true peace of mind, installing a pool safety fence is your best option.

Guardian Pool Fencing systems provide top quality fencing that meets all industry standards and most local regulations. We travel as far as Kingston, Ontario in the East, Windsor Ontario in the West and all points in between to make sure your pool and your family are safe. We also consult major pool contractors and landscape designers in the Toronto area about pool safety on a regular basis.

We understand that pools are fun but there are dangers associated with being poolside. Children and pets love to explore and a curious child can easily fall into a pool and drown. Depending on the pool cover, a child can get underneath or fall on to it, and their weight can drag the entire cover under water. The best way to keep your loved ones safe is with a fence. You need to get one that does not allow for climbing or easy access. A gate with a self-locking component is necessary for complete peace of mind.

Drowning is the second leading cause for death of children in Toronto, which is why laws and regulations have been set forth. The city of Toronto requires that all pool fences be four feet high, have a self-locking gate and be made of materials that do not permit climbing. We understand the local laws and install or fences accordingly, to make sure you get the most protection possible.

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