OC San Diego Pool Fence

Southern California bathes in sunlight pretty much all year long. San Diego and Orange County are nestled between beautiful mountains and the expansive ocean. The only thing better than the sunshine all day is getting to take a refreshing dip in the ocean or a pool. Many houses in the San Diego area have pools because swimming is such as popular pastime here.

If you have your own pool, Guardian Pool Fencing systems should be one of your top contacts. As the leader in pool fencing systems, we provide the fencing you need to keep your backyard safe. Accidental drownings are a leading cause of death among young children, and this can be prevented with the installation of a high-quality pool fence. We understand that pools are fun, but we also know of the great responsibility placed on the shoulder of pool owners. We want to help you by giving you a fence to be proud of.

With Disneyland, LEGOLAND and the San Diego zoo nearby, all parents should be concerned with is figuring out when to take the kids. Pool safety can be or concern because the fence we install will deliver peace of mind. The awareness of pool safety has increased in the area over recent years and we take pride in the way we meet all local and industrial standards We find it rewarding to help take care of your family. We offer an assortment of fence materials so you can pick the best fit for your yard because we understand the need for your yard to maintain a certain look.

San Diego regulations maintain that pool fences must be over 60 inches in height and any gaps cannot allow a 4-inch diameter sphere through. This prevents heads from getting stuck and also does not allow for climbing. The fence also needs to have a self-closing and self-latching gate. The fences we install meet all requirements, leaving you nothing to worry about. Having a pool cover in addition to the fence is a great way to keep children and animals safe from drowning. We take care of the safety issues for you, so all you have to do is enjoy the sun and swim.

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