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Being the Southern California dealer for Guardian Pool Fence Systems Inc. has been an incredible experience. I have been in fabrication for more than 20 years working on prototypes with Hughes Aircraft, but the personal pride and satisfaction from installing a Guardian Pool Fence is unmatched!


I look forward to each install as if it were my backyard and it was my little girl that I was protecting. Knowing that I am providing absolutely the highest quality service backed up by the highest quality materials gives me the peace of mind that the Guardian Pool Fence that I have installed will look great and work great for years to come. From the very first Guardian Pool Fence that I ever installed to the one I installed Yesterday, the clients reaction is always the same. Relief and peace of mind. How can you put a price on that? All parents should worry about is how to survive a fun day with their little one at the San Diego Zoo.


Irvine, Laguna Niguel, Costa Mesa, Ramona, Carlsbad, you could go on and on. How many pools are in just these cities. Southern California is second to none when it comes to pools. Raising the awareness of pool safety and especially child safety around water is a very rewarding part of our job.


The products that Steve at Guardian Pool Fence Systems Inc. offers allows me to confidently provide the finest service for foster care, day care, adoptions and or Moms and Dads that want to protect their children.

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