Last Updated on December 19, 2023

How to winterize the pool?


How to winterize the above ground or inground pool? Depending on the type of pool you have will determine the steps you will need to follow to winterize the pool. You will need the supplies for winterizing including a pool cover, winterizing chemicals, shop vac, plugs for skimmer, and return jets.


For winterizing the inground pool, you will need to backwash the filter to clean it out and drain DE filter tanks, leaving the backwash valve open. Then disconnect the pump and filter. All of the water needs to be drained out. You can even turn the pump upside down to get all of the water out. If there is a heater, that will need to be drained. You can use the shop vac for vacuuming out excess water. Unscrew fittings or unions at the pump and filter system. Keeping water out will help prevent any cracking caused by frozen water during the cold season.


Remove all return jet fittings and blow out all of its pipes. You can use the shop vac for this as well. Close the gate valve or plug the main drain. Put duct tape on all of the exposed piping to prevent water from freezing up on it and cracking it. Remove all of the deck equipment including diving boards and ladders. Finally, mix granular winterizing chemicals until all of them are completely dissolved. If you leave any granules in the water it can ruin the lining of the pool. Dump the mix into the pool place the pool cover over the pool and make sure it is secure. There’s no need to remove all water from the pool since this may cause other problems such as ripping the pool cover. If you have tiles at the top of the pool, lower the level of the water to prevent tile cracking during a freeze.


Winterizing the above ground pool is a little simpler. You will backwash the filter and plug the return pipes and filter. Disconnect the pipes and filter and remove the skimmer box, installing a winter plate with gaskets instead. Blow up an air pillow. The air pillow helps cushion the walls of the pool when expanding during a freeze. Remove all of the deck equipment and then add granular chemicals to the pool water, making sure all granules are dissolved. Then place the pool cover over the pool and stabilize it.


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