Pool Security Fence In Los Angeles

pool security fence

The most common childhood accidents in Los Angeles are swimming pool drownings. According to research, a third of drowning cases will occur when the affected kid is at her friend’s home, at relatives’, or even neighbors’. Most drowning accidents happen during spring to the summer, between May to August. 

There are several ways to keep children out of the swimming pool. Let’s discuss some of these options and talk about the Los Angeles swimming pool safety codes.

1. Build a pool security fence

Installing a pool security fence is the best way that you can do to keep your children from accessing the pool.  An excellent installer should make sure that the gate opens outwards, away from the water. The pool gate should also be self-latching and self-closing.

Installing a safety fence is required by the California swimming pool codes. Here are the main points:

  • The fence must be four-sided and should be next to the pool perimeter
  • The pool gates should have the latches above the height of the children and should remain locked when the pool isn’t in use. You should also keep pet doors that lead to the swimming pool area closed.
  • The fence should be of a minimum height of 60 inches, with just two inches gap between the floor and the bottom of the fence.
  • Door alarms should be also installed
  • When building a new swimming pool make sure that the building authority approved that your project meets all the safety measures as stipulated in the California swimming pool building codes.

Researchers claim that a pool security fence is the best way that you can keep your children off the swimming pool. 

2. Have Rescue Equipment

Having a lifebuoy can be helpful in cases of accident. You should make sure that the rescue equipment is always close to the swimming pool. Also, please check the material time to time to make sure that they are in good condition for use. It’s also great to have a first aid kit close to the pool. 

3. Teach the kids how to swim and set swimming rules

If you own a swimming pool, teach your kids to swim as early as possible. You also need to set the pool rules that are the following:

  • No running around the pool deck
  • Avoid diving in the shallow ends
  • Not to push each other into the swimming pool
  • Avoid going to the pool when they are not supervised by an adult
  • Not holding each other under the water when swimming
  • Avoid deep waters if they cannot swim perfectly

These rules should apply to the adults as they apply to the kids.

4. Indicate shallow ends and deep ends

Talk to your children and show them the various sections of the pool. Clearly, warn about the deep sides. 

Children should never go into the swimming pool without adult supervision!  

Guardian pool fence

Guardian Pool Fence has been offering high-quality mesh pool fencing systems for over 25 years. We offer three different systems, and our Premier Pool line is Approved by the California and Los Angeles building codes. Here are the reasons why you should consider our security pool fencing:

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  • Our security pool fencing also meet the ASTM International standards
  • We can install permanent or removable pool fencing depending on your needs
  • Our Premier line also also meets all California and Los Angeles building code
  • Our installers are all professionally trained
  • We have been around for over 25 years and own 7 U.S. Patents so we definitely have the experience on how to install and construct quality swimming pool fences.


Final Verdict

If you wish to keep your children safe from drowning in the home swimming pool, you need to install a pool security fence. For more details or to schedule a free estimate, please contact us today!