Pool Safety Caution – Already 3 Drownings This Week

 Why So Many Drowning?




Yesterday it was the 3rd near drowning accidents in Palm Beach County (FL) this week. This time a 1.5 year-old. Pool Safety and preventing your child getting into the pool is very important. This toddler nearly drowned into the pool. The 911 operator talked a neighbor through doing CPR. He survived but he might require spending weeks in the emergency room and years of therapy afterwards.


Monday the 17 year old Jordan Rubin saved the life of a 3 year old in Boca Raton. He said he felt he had to do it because nobody else was doing it. He jumped into the pool and used CPR to save the little boy.


In both cases the children got into the pool without the parent even realizing it.


Anna Stewart from the Drowning Prevention Coalition says parents have to always watch the children without distraction. No texting, talking on the phone or conversing with anybody but watching the child.


Safety experts advise to have many layers of protection around your pool.


According to the Drowning Prevention Coalition classes for both parents and kids are life saving. Parents should take a CPR course and kids should take swimming lessons. Safety fences like Guardian’s Pool Fences are also an important part of pool safety.