11 Pool Safety Rules

Pool Safety Rules

When you have a swimming pool at home and you have young children, supervision is paramount to your children’s safety. It is very difficult to watch a child 24/7. Almost 70% of swimming pool accidents occur when children are at home and being watched by the parents. The rest of the 30% either other adults or sitters or a sibling.


If you have a child under 5 year old keep in mind the following points:


  • Install some type of barrier around your pool (we advise our Premier Pool Fence system). If this is not possible you have to make sure all windows, doors are locked all the time if your children at home. You must always assume that your child is going to try to beat your system.
  • If your child is missing first look at the pool! Time is critical.
  • When you are having a party designate an person who watches the children at all times. Don’t assume someone else is watching the kids. Keep an eye on them all the time.
  • Because your children got some swimming lessons, dont think that they are water safe. They are not mature enough to have good judgement.
  • Don’t let children to swim alone.
  • Learn CPR.
  • Keep a telephone and rescue equipment near the pool area and make sure they are working.
  • No drugs or alcohol when you plan to use the pool.
  • Do not dive in the shallow end of your pool. Make sure you show good example for your children.
  • Stay out of the pool during thunder storms.
  • Doors leading to your pool should be always kept locked and alarmed. The best to have a self-closing, self-latching gate. Small kids won’t be able to open it without an adult’s help.


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