Pool Safety Products


Homes with exceptional features such as swimming pools are productive and profitable investments in the real estate world. This is so because swimming pools boost the market value of any building. Nevertheless, the pool can pose several dangers and threats if you fail to take the necessary measures for your safety and that of your family. Maintaining and taking care of your home pool to optimize its purpose and bring comfort and satisfaction to you and your family is a must. However, it must be carried out with the utmost care, extensive planning and research as well. Here is a list of safety products that you should consider installing in your swimming pool.

Necessary Pool Safety Products

  1. Fences

A swimming pool barrier in the form of a fence is one of the best swimming pool life-saving products. It is a valuable tool since you will have control of the individuals accessing the pool. A barrier generally prevents and deters kids from getting too close to the water. Since kids love to climb, you should avoid using the standard brick and stone walls as well as chain link as fencing. The solid fences are discouraged since you would like an enclosure where you have a view of the pool at all times. The best fences to utilize are the mesh pool fences. The safety standards and performance of these types of fences are unparalleled. Adding a self-closing and self-locking gate to the fences ensures that the kids are locked out at all times.

  1. Install Pool Alarms

When it comes to swimming pool safety, pool alarms play a crucial role. This is the primary reason why health and safety government organizations enforce laws concerning alarm installation in pools. Generally, when you have installed several safety products, it will be challenging for intruders to access the swimming pool without your authorization. The good thing about these alarms is that they can suit your demands. The various types of alarms that you can install for your pool include;

  • A gate alarm for your pool fence.
  • Window and door alarms if you have an indoor pool.
  • Perimeter alarms that utilize infrared light.
  • Voice alarms that are prompted by movement and alerts.
  • Floating and wave sensors that are placed at the edge of the pool. This type of alarm should go off whenever the water level is disturbed by a weight weighing more than 15 pounds.
  1. Swimming Pool Rescue Tools and Accessories

The-Ultimate-Water-Safety-GuideNow that you know how to lower the chances of a disaster from happening, it does not mean that one cannot drown in the pool. It is still possible to witness a drowning case. For this reason, you must be more than ready with the proper swimming pool safety tools. In this section, you will learn more about must-have pool safety accessories.

  • First Aid Kit: A complete first aid kit is a must for residential and commercial swimming pools. You should also have the basic first aid training to use this kit as it helps you whenever an accident happens and the one responsible isn’t around.
  • Life Jackets: These are crucial swimming pool safety products for kids. If you have a person who is learning how to swim, this is the best tool for them as it keeps them floating on the water.
  • Life Hook: This is also known as shepherd’s crook. It is a simple pool rescue accessory ignored by most. If you are active when beginners are learning how to swim, you will notice whenever an individual becomes unstable in the water. The life hook is attached to a rescue pool and can be used to pull out a drowning or exhausted person to safety.
  • Spine Board: In case an accident happens, how will you move the victims out of the pool area? Well, this is the main reason why you need a dependable spine board. If possible, you should have a spine board that is designed from a polymer material.
  1. Reliable Anti-Entrapment Equipment

Swimming pool plumbing fittings have trapped a couple of individuals leading to death. Swimmers may be trapped in the pool when the swimming pool pumps are running at high speeds. To prevent deaths due to swimming pool entrapment, you should install drain covers that meet the standards set by ANSI/ASME. Well, make it your responsibility to purchase the above tools for the sake of your safety and that of your family and friends whenever they are around the pool.


There are also several other products that might not have appeared on this article, but you can still have them on your swimming pool.


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