Pool Safety Products

Necessary Pool Safety Products

There’s nothing I enjoy more as an activity than swimming, yet every time my wife and I discuss building a pool, we hesitate. We have little children and the thought of a child drowning terrifies us. So after much debate, we decided to find what other responsible families use to prevent such accidents.

We approached this research with a focus on layers of protection; products that work well together and provide the highest safety measures possible. Only then, combined with our own house rules and personal vigilance did we dare take on the responsibility of a pool.


The first safety product is an obvious one; a barrier to prevent and discourage our younger children from getting too close to the water. Our children like to climb and that immediately eliminates traditional brick and stone walls and chain link fencing. Most solid fences are also quickly eliminated, because we need to see the pool at all times. That leaves specialized pool fences.

After a long search, we discovered Guardian Pool Fence. Guardian builds their fences to fit any shape pool and it’s designed with see-through mesh that’s impossible to climb. Each fence also comes with “The World’s Safest Gate Latch.”

Pool Alarms

With a pool, vigilance is key, but not everyone can be vigilant at every moment. A pool alarm is going to be our last line of defense. The best part about alarms is their variety, allowing you to match the type of pool you have.

  • Gate alarms for the pool fence.
  • Door and window alarms for anyone with an indoor pool.
  • Perimeter alarms, which use infrared light. Breaking the beam set around the pool and the alarm goes off.
  • Voice alarms can be used in multiple ways; they’re triggered by movement and alert parents with a message.
  • Floating & wave sensors, placed at the edge or in the pool. An alarm goes off when anything weighing more than 15 lbs disturbs the level of the water.

We decided to go with a pool-mounted passive infra-red motion detector. It has all the best features of the above devices plus the loudest alarm in the industry.

In the end you’ll have to decide for yourself what levels of protection you’ll take for your own family. However, it’s comforting to discover companies providing products to protect our children while providing their parents with peace of mind.