Pool Safety Nets

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Pool Safety Nets Might Be The Best Solution For Your Needs

As a homeowner in California, you enjoy many perks. Having a swimming pool in your backyard might be one of them. Swimming pool areas filled with many activities, backyard parties and BBQs which means that your guests or family members may be distracted easily. You should make sure that your keep your children and pets safe around the swimming pool at all times.

Why Guardian Pool Nets?

We have established a trusted reputation of manufacturing and installing pool safety fences since 1989. Pool owners and caring parents alike have come to trust Guardian Pool Fences to protect small children from drowning accidents. We are now offering Pool Safety Nets. We have found Pool Safety Nets are safe if installed correctly. It is also a more budget friendly option compared to pool fencing.

Driven by the desire to offer you the best variety and customer service, we made customer satisfaction our primary driving force. We ensure you that the pool safety nets are of excellent material and last longer by being able to withstand outdoor weather conditions.

Swimming Pool Safety NetBenefits:

  • Pool safety nets provide you with an excellent option to make your swimming pool, spa, ponds and fountains safer.
  • Won’t block your view to the pool compared to a vertical fence.
  • Pool safety nets offer you a low cost and easy operation. For a typical pool, it takes less than 15 minutes to put it on or take it off.
  • Pool nets are the second most popular pool safety product (behind pool fences).

How Does It Work?

Our pool safety nets come with 3″ openings. These holes make it very difficult to walk on. However, these openings are small enough which prevents a kid’s head from going through them. The result is that they make your pool safer for children.

What Type Of Pools Can You Use It For?

Above Ground Pool Safety Net

Pool safety nets are versatile and lightweight, which means you can install them in almost any hot tub, water feature or pool. You can also use them for above ground pools. You can use them for your daily swimming pool needs.

What is it made out of?

Guardian Pool Nets are polythene, with UV protection and they are custom fitted to each swimming pool. The netting is then stretched and installed over the pool. We are using NYLON DECK ANCHORS with steel hooks. It’s then tightened with a central tension system, which ensures that it’s kept taut and rigid above the pool’s water surface.

Ensuring that the nets are held on to the edges is important since the peripheries get subjected to the best maximum strain. Only the best sailing pulleys (SALTWATER ENDURED FOR TESTING) are used for the CTS together with a finishing line (marine grade) to make that the nets are strong enough.

The Guardian swimming pool safety net is a pre-finished unique net system that’s designed for easy handling.

Pool Net ReelProfessional Installation

During the installation, our professional installers use all the necessary tools, meaning that the system is installed the way it was tested during the independent engineering tests. The result is that your swimming pool safety product exceeds national standards. Guardian has earned its excellent reputation as a result of offering quality products and services.

Who says that the best swimming pool nets are hard to install and maintain? Guardian’s pool nets are designed in a way that enables you to quickly remove and put them back over your pool. The in-ground pool nets that we provide comes with a reel that’s water resistant. You can reattach this net in a matter of minutes.


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