Pool Safely Campaign

Pool Safely


Drowning has been a leading cause of accidental death for children in the United States.  It is essential that parents are informed and well educated about pool safety and drowning prevention.  Young children do not know right from wrong and they have no fear. The combination of these two traits can lead to fatalities in young children. These unnecessary injuries and deaths can be prevented with spreading the word about pool safety and helping others gain the knowledge about drowning preventing..


Pool Safely is an organization that promotes safe pools and spas.  Their campaign’s is about educating parents and kids about water safety and the steps it takes to become water safe.   Their organization promotes the importance of knowing how to perform CPR, teaching toddlers to swim, and sharing water safety tips. Being cautious is one thing but taking preventative measures is another. It is essential that parents know CPR and water safety tips in order to keep their children safe.  Other measure of safety that require no training whatsoever are pool fences and door locks. A good quality pool fence should  surround the entire pool or be used as  isolation fencing to prevent children from gaining access to the water in the first place.  Security locks on all of your doors is all a very important tool used to keep children from gaining access to the back yard. The more steps you take in childproofing your house and taking precautionary measures the less likely it is that your child will become a statistic.


Pool Safely has been successfully educating people for many years and is actively continuing to do so. Along with their partner organizations and community leaders they are spreading the word while on their mission to promote child safety.