Last Pool Party Of The Year

Don’t Forget About Safety During Your Pool Party


When summer’s nearly over, one of the best ways to celebrate it’s last hoorah and usher in fall is to have one last amazing pool party. It’s always great to be the hero in your friends’ & family’s eyes, and having a great end of the season bash is a surefire way to elevate yourself to that hero status. There are bound to be plenty of precious toddlers running and splashing around at your gathering, and some will be too young to be out there without close supervision. So making sure you have the best pool safety fence available needs to be a part of your party plans.


Not only that, but when your own wee wonders, be they your kids or grand-kids, are around, no matter what time of year, you want to make sure everyone stays absolutely safe.  Guardian Pool Fence has the solution to your concerns about keeping your pool party fun AND safe, as well as doing the same job year round. Guardian even offers a unique mesh fabric fence to keep your pets safe and happy, too.Guardian offers a patented removable gate which is self-latching and self-closing – it has no cross bars, so any temptation for those adventurous tykes to try and climb over the fence is pretty much nonexistent. We take pride in our high quality pool safety fence, and have been protecting children worldwide for over a decade with our one-of-a-kind pool fencing solution.


At Guardian Pool Fence, children’s safety is our priority. Feel free to Contact Us with any questions, or to obtain a free quote. Odds are we have a dealership very close to you, and we’d be very pleased to install one of our pool safety fences for you and your family.


Please note a pool fence cannot substitute for a designated person who watches the kids at all times during the party.