Pool Party Theme Idea

The Underwater Adventure


underwater-theme-pool-party-for-kidsSummer is here!

With the heat in the air rising, many will be looking for cool ways to have fun. There are many ways to keep cool in the summer; sprinklers, water balloons, water guns, slip, and slides, but nothing quite beats having fun in the sun and hopping into a swimming pool. So, why not beat the heat with a summer pool party or two. Grab some friends, light up the grill and have a good old fashioned BBQ while you are beating the heat this summer.
Having trouble thinking of an idea for the pool party? Here are some fun inexpensive party ideas, which are sure to have your friends and family talking for years to come. Always keep in mind you do not have to spend a fortune to make an impression.

The underwater adventure:

For the decor of the party you will need the following things:

  1. A bubble blower ( you can find one for about $8 at any dollar store)
  2. Rubber fish ( think the dollar store little bath toys)
  3. Blue hue balloons ( $2-3 bag for about 50 balloons)
  4. Blue and green streamers ($1-3 depending on the store you go to)
  5. Green citrus candles ($5 a piece)
  6. A foam pool noodle ($1)
  7. Blue and green felt pieces (.50 cents a piece)


Now for the decorating:

  • Adorn your pool fence with the streamers and balloons to create the illusion of waves, seaweed, and bubbles.
  • Place the rubber fish into the pool so they can swim around.
  • Use the bubble blower to add the real bubbles and to create an underwater atmosphere.
  • Take the pool noodle, wrap it around till it forms a circle, hot glue it together, allow it to dry; once it is dry you can glue the felt any way you want. The felt can be cut into shapes of waves or seaweed and placed on the pool noodle. Add one little fish to it and you have the perfect little centerpiece for your table.
  • Light the candles to keep the bugs away and enjoy.

The possibilities for the parties are endless, Pirate Adventures, you can turn your pool fence into a pirate ship. Hawaiian Luaus, Beach Party Blast, Sea Monster Attacks, Sunny Days and Sunflowers, or an All American Cookout, complete with red white and blue themes. There is a theme out there for every budget, all you have to do is imagine and the sky is the limit.

Always keep safety in mind! Drowning is the leading cause of death under the age of five. Always have a designated person who watches the pool at all times when children present. 


Do you need a pool fence?