Pool Maintenance Cost In California



Everyone wishes to own a good swimming pool in their own property. However, most of the people find it easier to install the pool but the regular maintenance costs becomes another problem. It is always important to have your pools maintained and cleaned regularly which can prevent further bigger issues. This is all because the dust and debris around can make the pools unsuitable and unfavorable for use. Additionally, it is always very crucial that you ensure your pool is done damage checkup regularly so that any available damages can be detected in time. Moreover, there are a number of factors that dictate the cost incurred in maintaining a pool.  

Overall it cost about $100-320 per month to maintain a swimming pool in California.

…but what can you do to lower your costs?

Make good use of your pool cover

This is actually one of the most important tool for your pool in as much lowering the cost of maintaining your pool is concerned. Pool covers ensures that with time they reduce the energy cost. This is possible since they reduce the rate of water evaporation from the pool. With this covers the heater of your pool doesn’t need to work overtime while ensuring that the pool is cool.

Ensure you run your filter during the night

This is another important aspect that ensures that it reduces the cost of energy incurred at night and importantly at the same time making sure your pool is very clean. Most people prefer running their filter for 24 hours in a day but this is a waste of energy and furthermore it does an over cleaning to your pool. It is always important you turn your filter on at night only so that you can save on your electricity bill.

Keep the temperatures as low as possible

For every degree temperature rise of your pool, you actually pay extra money. For you to reduce the money you spend in your pool, it always important you keep your pool temperature as low as possible while still remaining comfortable. As if not enough, make sure you turn off your heater when you are not using the pool.

Use energy-efficient pool pump

It always good that you avoid the normal pump since it is not efficient in as much as pool cost maintenance in California is concerned. A normal pump only pumps on one speed and badly wastes a lot of energy while doing filtration. If you do a good investment on an energy efficient pump, you would have save a lot money and significantly you may qualify for an energy rebate.

Maintain your pool pH balance

Always make sure that you give enough attention to the chemical balance of the water in your pool. Pool chemicals are normally very expensive and therefore it is very important to ensure that the alkalinity of your water is safe. This will not only keep your water safe but also it will keep your maintenance cost low.