Pool Landscape Design Ideas

Landscaping Around The Pool

A pool in the backyard can be a lot of things; from a backyard oasis to a lap pool for a workout.  But the pool itself isn’t the only thing that will help create a feeling in the space.  The landscaping around the pool will also help to enhance the ambiance of the area.  Certain trees, plants, pathways, and other materials will also aid in achieving the look and feel of the pool area that you want.

  • Fences are a popular landscaping tool when it comes to pools.  Aside from offering a little privacy and a way to keep pool toys in generally the vicinity of the pool, a fence can also serve as a safety precaution.  Just because it’s functional, however, doesn’t mean it has to be practical.  Fences come in a variety of colors, shapes, and materials so find one that appeals to your overall theme of the pool area.
  • When it comes to your pool area, you need to be extremely cautious of what plans you are choosing.  For example, taller trees will offer additional privacy and can also provide shade for those hot summer months.  On the other hand, you need to be cautious about what types of trees you are selecting because you’ll want to avoid those that have the potential to drop leaves in your pool.
  • Also when it comes to choosing landscaping plans, keep in mind where your water filters, air conditioner, garbage cans, and any other necessary, yet unattractive, household items are.  To maintain a visually pleasing façade, try to see what ways are possible to cover the units, yet still leave them accessible.  For example, placing taller bushes around your air conditioning unit will hide it from the pool area and not hinder its ability to work.
  • Be conscious of what materials you choose to pave the pool area with.  Brick and cement can get hot under the summer sun which in turn, can burn your feet.  Instead, try using some kind of stone tiles.  Travertine tiles in particular tend to stay cooler.

Whether you’re in landscape design or just decorating your pool area at home, you can utilize these tips to ensure your pool area is the backyard oasis you want.  Let your creativity run free and design the pool of your dreams.


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