Wheelchair Accessible Pools

Three Ways to Make Your Backyard Pool Handicap Accessible


Not all swimming pools need handicap accessibility. Hotel and public pools are required to have accessibility, but a pool nestled in the privacy of your own backyard is exempt. That said, there may be a reason you can benefit from making your pool accessible.  Baby boomers and the elderly who are dealing with mobility issues and those with a parent or child who uses a wheelchair might welcome easy pool accessibility.


There are three primary types of pool accessibility. Keep in mind, manufacturers of these adaptive devices, just like handicap van and wheelchair manufacturers, are held to standards put forward by the Americans with Disabilities Act Accessible Guidelines (ADAAG). Make sure the product you choose complies.


  • Pool Stairs


The most important part of this option is the handrails that always accompany the stairs, which require specific measurements regulated by the ADAAG. The stairs, requiring uniform riser heights and uniform tread widths of no less than 11 inches, and the handrails provide assistance with balance and support from a standing position when the individual is moving from the pool deck into and out of the water.


  • Lift


You’ll be surprised at the number of lift designs available for pool use. Lifts can be manually operated, battery-operated or motorized. All of them lift the individual from the pool deck and lower her or him into the water. To exit, the process is simply reversed. Choose from a canvas sling seat or a chair seat. The individual sits in the seat while it’s positioned over the pool deck. The arm of the lift then swings out over the pool, the chair is lowered into the water, where the individual exits. The chair is then raised, and the arm swings back around to the pool deck.



  • Sloped Entry with Rail


Essentially a ramp with handrails leading into the swimming pool, a sloped entry allows people with mobility issues to safely walk down the ramp or roll a wheelchair into the water. Aquatic wheelchairs are specifically made for use in water. A regular or power wheelchair or power scooter with an electrical system, motor, or batteries can be damaged, or might contaminate the pool.


There’s nothing like making life easier for the people you love. Handicap pool access assures that everyone can enjoy your beautiful backyard swimming pool!




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