Last Updated on May 21, 2024

Pool Gate Los Angeles

A pool gate is a specific type of gate designed to provide access to a swimming pool area while also ensuring safety and security. Pool gates are typically installed as part of a pool fence system to prevent unauthorized access, particularly by young children who may be at risk of drowning.

Why Choose a Self-Closing Pool Gate?

Enhanced Safety

The primary reason to install a self-closing pool gate is to increase safety. A self-closing mechanism ensures that the gate automatically closes and latches behind you, reducing the risk of accidental access, especially for children and pets. This feature provides an added layer of protection, giving you peace of mind.

Legal Compliance

Many regions have stringent pool safety regulations that require self-closing and self-latching gates as part of their compliance standards. Installing a self-closing gate not only helps you adhere to these regulations but also demonstrates your commitment to safety.


Self-closing pool gates are incredibly convenient. You won’t have to worry about forgetting to close the gate, which can happen in busy households. The automatic closing mechanism takes care of it for you, ensuring consistent safety.

Key Features of Self-Closing Pool Gates

Durable Materials

Our Self-closing pool gates are typically made from durable mesh. This material is resistant to rust and corrosion, making it ideal for outdoor environments.

Secure Latching Mechanisms

You need a pool gate that has a robust latching mechanisms and easy to operate for adults but challenging for children. Magnetic latches and key-lockable latches are popular choices for their reliability and security.

Adjustable Hinges

Quality self-closing gates come with adjustable hinges that allow you to control the closing speed. This feature ensures that the gate closes smoothly and securely every time.

Maintenance Tips

Regular Inspections

Conduct regular inspections of the gate to check for any signs of wear or damage. Pay special attention to the hinges and latching mechanism to ensure they are functioning correctly.

Lubricate Hinges

To keep the gate operating smoothly, lubricate the hinges periodically with a silicone-based lubricant. Avoid using oil-based lubricants as they can attract dirt and debris.

Clean and Adjust

Keep the gate clean by washing it with mild soap and water. If you notice the gate is not closing properly, make the necessary adjustments to the hinges or latch to restore optimal performance.


Guardian Pool Gates

The gate stands as the cornerstone of any fence system, and for good reason. It’s the gateway to safety, the barrier that ensures peace of mind. With this in mind, we meticulously crafted our gate to excel in reliability and convenience. Featuring our signature double-pole truss on both sides, our gate effortlessly accommodates tension fluctuations without the need for constant adjustments. This innovative design ensures that the gate closes securely every time, without compromise.



Moreover, we took extra care to eliminate potential hazards, especially for curious little ones. By omitting a top cross-bar, we’ve made it exceedingly challenging for toddlers to climb, as there’s no rigid structure to grasp onto. Safety isn’t just a priority; it’s ingrained in every aspect of our gate’s design.

At Guardian Pool Fence Systems, Inc., we take pride in being pioneers. Our self-closing gate is not just a feature; it’s a testament to our commitment to innovation and excellence. As the original patent holder of this groundbreaking technology, we’ve set the standard for safety in the industry.

Our gate’s operation is not affected by the tension of the surrounding mesh fabric, a common concern with traditional single-pole designs. Engineers have validated our approach, confirming that our gate remains reliable regardless of weather conditions. Unlike conventional gates that require constant adjustments, ours is engineered to provide consistent performance year-round.

Furthermore, our patented Gate System offers unparalleled convenience. Whether you’re hosting a poolside party or simply removing the gate for maintenance, you can do so without compromising safety. With Guardian Pool Fence Systems, Inc., you can trust that your pool area remains secure, even when the gate is temporarily removed.

In essence, our gate represents more than just a point of entry; it’s a testament to our unwavering commitment to safety and innovation. With Guardian Pool Fence Systems, Inc., you can rest assured that your pool area is safeguarded by the most advanced technology available.







Gate Hardware

At Guardian Pool Fence Systems, Inc., we believe in going above and beyond when it comes to safety, and our choice of gate hardware reflects that commitment. We exclusively utilize the MAGNA LATCH, a revolutionary latching mechanism that sets the industry standard for safety and reliability. Since our inception in 1996, every gate we’ve shipped has been equipped with the MAGNA LATCH, and for good reason.

Manufactured in Australia, the MAGNA LATCH is renowned as “The World’s Safest Pool Gate Latch,” and we wholeheartedly agree with this accolade. Its magnetic, key-lockable operation ensures that your pool area remains securely gated at all times, providing peace of mind for homeowners and caregivers alike.

What sets the MAGNA LATCH apart is its sophisticated design and impeccable credentials. Winner of the Silver Medal at the 1992 International Inventors Convention in Geneva, Switzerland, and recipient of the Australian Design Award, this latch represents the pinnacle of safety and innovation. Its non-mechanical, magnetic operation makes it not only highly effective but also incredibly user-friendly.

In addition to meeting the rigorous Barrier Code requirements of the NSPI and the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, the MAGNA LATCH is complemented by tension adjustable hinges, also manufactured by the same esteemed company and recipients of the Australian Design Award. Together, these components form the backbone of our patented fence design, ensuring unparalleled levels of safety, versatility, practicality, and protection for your pool area.

When you choose Guardian Pool Fence Systems, Inc., you’re not just getting a fence; you’re investing in the most advanced safety system on the market today. With the MAGNA LATCH and tension adjustable hinges at its core, our gate hardware represents the epitome of safety and innovation, providing you with the peace of mind you deserve.



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