Pool Fencing Guidelines

Pool Fencing

If you own a swimming pool then you probably already know how important it is to consider having installed or installing pool fencing. If you have children or pets, it is imperative.

What pool fencing does is simple – it protects those that you love from being exposed to accidental drowning. Even if you have a privacy fence around the perimeter of your yard, a pool fence protects your pets, children and adults that cannot swim.

The correct pool fence installation is what makes a difference in the effectiveness of the product. There are a few guidelines you need to consider when having your fence installed.

  • Be certain that the gates are installed in an outward swinging motion. This is to prevent the gates from being pushed inward. Remember, a gate that swings out is much harder to breach.
  • The fencing needs to be placed where it cannot be entered underneath. This is so that pets and small children cannot dig under the fence or climb underneath the fencing.
  • The fence needs to be high enough that it can’t be climbed by children or jumped by dogs and it should be away from items that can be used as a ladder or stepping stone.

All of these guidelines are important considerations that should be made before the fence is installed. A professional can guide you into making the right choice in fencing whether you do it yourself or have it installed. Be sure to address these issues before you get an estimate because the price can change depending on what particulars need taking care of.

No matter what you decide, pool fencing can be not only attractive but helps ensure that your pool area is safe for everyone.


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