Pool Fencing Law In California

Pool Fencing and Other Pool Barriers and Safety Provisions


California law, the Swimming Pool Safety Act (Health And Safety Code §§115920-115929) requires at least one safety barrier around a swimming pools built after January 1, 1998 and for any pools being remodeled.  More than one barrier is preferred.


  1. A four sided isolation pool fence close to the pool perimeter provides greatest assurance for the safety of children.
  2. A property perimeter pool fence might be sufficient to protect neighboring children; but does not adequately children in the home.
  3. Keep pool fence gates and ladders latched with latches above the reach of small children.  Lock gates during extended non-use periods.  Do not prop doors or gates open. Lock pet doors leading to the pool.
  4. Spas and wading pools can be as dangerous as full sized swimming pools; and must be similarly isolated..
  5. California law provides for approval of pool safety covers (full covers which prevent a child’s falling into the pool), removable mesh pool fencing, self-closing and latching devices on the home’s doors, exit alarms on doors, swimming pool alarms, or any other barrier approved by local building officials.
  6. Install a water motion alarms to sound if there is any water disturbance.  Place the on-off switch out of the reach of children.


Any questions about pool fencing requirements may be answered contacting the CDPH Safe and Active Communities branch at (916) 552-9800 or sac@cdph.ca.gov.