Pool Fences For Kids

Baby Proofing Your Pool and Home

Pool fences for kids are something no family should do without. Every day in the U.S. two children under age fourteen drowns, most in a home pool. For every child who drowns, another five are treated for what is called “nonfatal immersion injuries,” or near-drowning, and the dangerous effects thereof.

What these numbers, however shocking, cannot convey is the horror of a child drowning. It is every parent’s and pool owner’s worst nightmare, to find a lifeless body in the water, for a pool built to bring pleasure to instead turn into a cause of death.

And it can happen so quickly. A child goes in the backyard to retrieve a toy and falls without the protection of a secure pool fence, unseen until it is too late. At a party, all the adults assume that others are watching and, as a result, no one is watching. With ten kids in the pool, it’s hard to notice one in distress, and when everyone realizes what has happened, CPR is no longer effective.

A number of factors increase a child’s drowning risk, including lack of supervision, seizure disorders and lack of swimming ability, but a key factor that can be addressed by every pool owner is pool access. According to the Centers for Disease Control, a four-sided enclosure (as opposed to three-sided) reduces the risk of a child drowning by 83%. With so many options available that are both stylish and effective at increasing safety pool fences for kids are really something that no family can do without.

Parents do little things every day to ensure their children’s safety and wellbeing: car seats, helmets, teaching stranger danger, preparing healthy meals and passing out vitamins at bedtime. These are all useful, and yet the healthiest child can drown as quickly as the one fed McDonald’s day and night. For less than one half of one percent of the average cost of a pool, pool fences for kids can be built to decrease your child’s risk of dying by 83%. Add to this the fact that an enclosure protects you from liability, and it quickly becomes a no-brainer.

Of course, the average cost of a pool enclosure is $4K, still just a fraction of the cost of a pool. This can incorporate a variety of attractive pool fence design features, including glass, mesh screens, a gazebo or even a retractable cover, and can improve a pools functionality as well as its safety.

A pool is an investment, not only in your children’s happiness but also in their health, their social lives, and in the quality family time a pool provides. Don’t let your investment become a safety risk for your children and their friends. Build peace-of-mind with a four-sided pool fence for kids.

Greenscapes and Hardscapes

Tropical plants give your pool landscaping a summery Caribbean vibe. Choose lush palms and bold-colored flowers with rich greenery. Landscaping with natural or artificial rocks can create an equatorial backdrop. You could even build a waterfall into your pool or incorporate a stone design into your pool slide.


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