Pool Fence Whittier CA

Pool Fencing in Whittier California

Whittier, California, a small city, population approaching 90,000, located 15 miles southeast of Los Angeles, may be regarded as atypical southern California suburban community.  Its vibrant city core is embraced by neighborhoods consisting of 30,000 households.  Nearly 30% of these households have children under the age of 18.  In addition to the eight public swimming pools, Whittier families, with a median annual household income of nearly $60,000, find that home swimming pools are affordable, and therefore common as, in all southern California communities.  Outdoor living, including swimming is inherent in the living style.


Unfortunately, as in other pool rich communities, drowning takes the lives of more California children than any other type of accident.  Even the survivors of near drowning do not totally survive.  Permanent brain damage often results from a prolonged period of oxygen deprivation.  Toddlers in the age range of one to four years are at the greatest risk.


The swimming pool could become a liability if you do not have a pool fence. This is because a pool has the ability to attract a lot of children even if there are currently no children living in your home. Once the children that live in the neighborhood find out that there is a swimming pool in their area, they are going to ask to come to swim. The fence is probably going to have to be locked so that the children of the neighborhood are not going to sneak in to swim in the pool.


Regardless of the size and shape of your pool, there is a pool fencing system available for your need. Fencing is designed to follow the contours of your pool. They are also created to go with your lawn, garden, and patio.



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