Pool Fence West Covina CA

Pool Fencing in West Covina


Residential pools are very common in West Covina, California, and it’s no secret why. In such a warm and sunny climate, nothing makes more sense than having a place to take a cool dip, or to hang out and socialize with friends and family.


However, no matter what type of pool you install, it’s important to install a pool fence at the same time. This is true even if you don’t have small children at home or your own children are very familiar with the water and are good swimmers. Why?


Your own or guests’ small children can literally wander off in an instant


The Centers for Disease Control states that about 10 people die every day from unintentional drowning, and one in five are children under the age of 14. Children between the ages of one and four are most likely to drown, and they can wander off in just a minute. As vigilant as parents try to be, every parent knows that it occasionally happens that a child will simply wander off in the blink of an eye.  In fact, most children have been missing for fewer than five minutes before they’re discovered in the water. The vast majority of drowning deaths are preventable simply by installing a perimeter fence with a locking gate around the pool.


Children may be tempted to go swimming with friends when parents aren’t home


Even if your own children are strong swimmers, their friends may not be. Even the best-behaved children may defy parents’ orders and go swimming with friends unsupervised — with tragic results. A backyard pool fence can be locked so kids can’t access the pool when parents aren’t home.


Kids who panic aren’t strong swimmers, even if they usually are


The water is no place to panic, and while an adult might have the resources both emotionally and physically to stay calm during a cramp, water inhalation during horseplay, etc., a child may not. If adults are closely supervising children while they’re in the pool, the adults will see that a child is in trouble and be able to rescue him or her. However, if the children are in the pool unsupervised, even a good swimmer could drown in just an instant because of some mishap. NEVER assume that your child will be able to handle a sudden emergency, panic attack, cramp, etc., and stay calm – even if he or she has had water safety training and/or is a good swimmer.


Most pools are 4 to 5 feet deep – but children can drown in just a few inches of water


While the 4-5 foot depth typical of a backyard pool is not “deep” water to adults, it  is for a child. Don’t be cavalier because your pool is “only” a shallow pool. That’s still plenty of water for most children to drown in, and very small toddlers can drown in just a few inches of water.


Accidents happen because of horseplay every day


Even ordinarily responsible adults suddenly find themselves quadriplegics every day because they decided to take a headfirst dive into a pool that was too shallow. Accidents do happen – but many can be prevented if a pool fence is always locked unless there’s plenty of adult supervision. Never, ever let children engage in the sort of horseplay that can cause serious injury or even death in your pool, and keep your pool fence locked at all times if you’re not closely supervising. The rule of thumb is that an adult should be no more than an arm’s length away when children are using the pool.


Do you need a pool fence?