Last Updated on January 29, 2024

Removable pool fence

For homeowners, getting a pool is a big deal, not only because it gives them a fun and healthy option to cool down, but also because they need to consider code compliance and children’s safety.

In many states, pool fences are part of regulations which means you are required to install these fittings around your swimming area. You might think it will ruin the overall aesthetic of your pool, but there are ways to make it more stylish.

If you want to make sure your swimming area remains up to your visual standards, you just need to make the right choices. Not certain how to achieve this? Check out these aesthetically pleasing and stylish pool fence ideas and tips.

Tips for Making Your Pool Fence More Stylish

If you have an outdoor pool, you should remember that it can set the tone of your home for visitors. The moment they see your pool, they already have an idea of what to expect from your place. Styling your fences based on the look and feel you want to show is your best bet.

Consider the Landscape

The first thing you need to do to have an aesthetically pleasing fence is to take an overall look at your swimming area. What does it look like? Is it surrounded by your garden or is it embedded in a hardscape? Perhaps the place seems to be out in the open for your taste.

All this information can help you decide what works best in terms of form and function. If your pool is surrounded by shrubs and plants, chances are your privacy is pretty much covered, so you can focus on getting your preferred fences even if they allow more outside visibility. Take a look at these tips.

No matter what the landscape is, make sure to get an option that not only has a valuable purpose but also lets you enjoy a swimming area that you love.

Pick the Right Color

Color plays a huge part in what your pool fences would look like. You should pick one depending on your preferences, while still considering your surroundings including the color of your exterior paint job, roof, outdoor furniture, and more.

So, if your home’s exterior is neutral-colored like beige, white, or cream, you might want to pick a color that goes well with it. Your safest bet is another neutral color. Beige, black, gray, and brown are great choices because they are achromatic while not blending in too much.

Remember: Material Matters

One thing you should not neglect is material because every type offers its respective pros and cons. For example, glass fences offer a contemporary look, while white, vertical fences are more classic. You can also go for steel if you want different designs.

The key is matching the material with the aesthetic you are looking for. This way, you can achieve your vision and enjoy your swimming pool without thinking of your fence as an eyesore.

Aesthetically Pleasing Mesh Pool Fence

Those who want something classic-looking and versatile should go for mesh fences. These provide a more streamlined look, especially as it is semi-see-through. You just need to pick the right color of mesh, borders, and poles to make it look more sophisticated.

What makes this option unique is that you can install and detach it yourself. You can roll it up and place it at the back of your car if you ever decide to move houses. This way, you do not have to purchase another set and you will have no trouble attaching it to your new place.

Pros of the Mesh Pool Fence


Mesh pool fences offer excellent visibility. Unlike solid fences, the mesh design allows you to see through the barrier, enabling you to monitor pool activities easily. This visibility is crucial for keeping an eye on children or pets while they are around the pool, even from a distance.

Easy Installation

Mesh pool fences are relatively easy to install compared to other types of pool barriers. They typically use tension-based systems or removable poles that can be installed and removed quickly, making them a convenient option for temporary or seasonal use. Some mesh fences come with DIY installation kits, eliminating the need for professional installation and reducing associated costs.


Mesh pool fences are highly versatile and can be customized to fit various pool shapes and sizes. They are available in different heights and can be adjusted or trimmed to meet specific requirements. This adaptability makes mesh fences suitable for both residential and commercial pool settings.


Mesh pool fences are often praised for their aesthetic appeal. The mesh material is lightweight and transparent, blending with the surroundings and maintaining the overall visual appeal of the pool area. They provide a less obtrusive alternative to traditional solid fences, allowing the beauty of the pool and its surroundings to shine through.

Durability and Low Maintenance

Mesh pool fences are typically constructed from high-quality materials, such as polyester or vinyl-coated polyester, which are designed to withstand outdoor conditions. They are resistant to rust, fading, and degradation caused by UV exposure. Furthermore, mesh fences require minimal maintenance, usually limited to occasional cleaning with mild soap and water.


One of the key advantages of mesh pool fences is their ability to be easily removed when not in use. This feature is particularly useful for households with changing needs, such as hosting events or when children outgrow the need for a pool barrier. Being able to remove the fence provides flexibility and allows for an open pool area when desired.

The Bottom Line

You may have installed your pool fences for their function, but you will come to love them for their visual value. With these tips and ideas, you can make your pool fence more stylish and aesthetically pleasing, so you and your family can enjoy what your home has to offer.


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