Pool Fence Styles


When it comes to outdoor, summer activities, nothing is more universal than a swimming pool. With a pool in the backyard, you have instant access to a great time for you and your loved ones. Pools are also great for your body, as swimming is among the top forms of exercise. In all, a beautiful pool is a great complement to a lovely home. Yet, homeowners may wonder what type of fence they should install around their pool. With so many options to choose from, it can be difficult to determine. Homeowners have access to glass, chain link, mesh, and aluminum pool fences. What follows is a breakdown of these materials for pool fencing.

Glass Pool FenceGlass Pool Fences

They have a variety of positive and negative features. Positives include being able to see through the fence, the fact that glass can mesh well with any color scheme, the durability and ability to withstand natural corrosion and other damage, and they can prevent big accidents. Negative aspects of a glass fence include a higher price tag than most fencing options, difficult maintenance procedure and cleanup, a lack of privacy, and potential for an animal or child to walk right into the glass.

Chain Link Pool FenceChain Link Pool Fences

Chain link fences are the most common. In most locations, homeowners are required to set up a fence around their pool to close it off. Chain link fences are used in order to follow the regulations while spending less than other fence options. Although people can climb a chain link fence with ease, the proper lattice will prevent intruders. They are also fairly transparent, although not as much as the glass options.

Aluminum Pool FenceIron or Aluminum Pool Fences

Iron or aluminum fences are usually found around hotel pools or those in more pricey homes. This material will allow you to fulfill all of the safety regulations while ensuring unwanted guests are kept outside. These fences are extremely durable and hard to climb. The material will work well against water and other natural chemicals that can damage it. They are expensive, but can be worth it if you have a pool for invited guests only.

mesh pool fenceMesh Pool Fences

Last up are the mesh pool fences. These offer the best overall deal for homeowners and can be used in a variety of pool environments. They offer complete safety for children, pets, and elderly. They won’t rot or corrode in the rain. And they’re fairly cheap and easy to install. In all, for a fence that gives your pool the complete coverage it deserves, mesh is the top choice.